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We know that the church is a sacred place, is the place that we believe, in these places need to keep quiet, should not be subjected to any outside influence, such as mobile phone ringing, etc., so in the church needs to mobile phone jammers to maintain a quiet environment.

An official report reveals that car thieves have developed a new strategy to avoid arrest after stealing cars that might be equipped with tracking devices.
Criminals are increasingly using this new method, called "kneading park" - they think they stole a car, and then place it in a safe place for days, in case the police get GPS jammer data from vehicle safety equipment.
If the car is not taken away by the authorities within days of being taken away by the owner, the thieves know that it is safe to arrange for a new license plate to be installed and then sold or exported.

The new tactics are thought to be particularly suitable for high-performance cars, 4x4 and other high-value cars that are more likely to be equipped with GPS tracking devices.
Once the vehicle is stolen, the manufacturer can trigger an anti-theft device, and the police can lower the vehicle's position within a few feet.
Interior ministry report said: "the metropolitan police department is engaged in the crime of the police vehicle anecdotal evidence suggests that some offenders in stealing cars parked his vehicle safety immediately after a few days, to check whether the vehicle is being tracked.
"This suggests that increasing the number of vehicles tracking devices may reduce more organized vehicle theft.

Portable GSM 3G Jammer and WIFI GPS Blocker for Sale

However, they are not "efficient" by Isabel Lagos. "Either they do not have in all work and no interference wave dialogue, on the contrary, their work is too much, disrupting internal communication between regulators, very expensive," the equipment "said Christopher Dorangeville, secretary of the national federation of trade unions the prison. She talked about their "limits" in writing to a January UMP question. It will soon become "obsolete" and face technological developments, such as the transition from 3G to 4G, which explains the regulation of Seals.

In response to these problems, a multi-industry working group was established in 2013 with the support of the French land defence industry group (GICAT). As a result, the new generation model is now undergoing two tests, including fresne's facility in Paris. "The cells that are placed at the entrance are more specific within their own limits," said Christopher Dorangeville, who said that 3 million euros would be invested, with 26 sensitive facilities in three years. Thales has worked with the department of justice to deal with electronic wristbands and national judicial interception platforms, which they do. "The technical selection that will be retained has not yet been determined because the experimental assessment work is still ongoing," but it specifically addresses the department of justice's spokesman.

This ban, which is taken in the name of precautionary principle, is often ineffective. Senator Alain Dufaut in more than a year before offended bought a cell phone jammer, regret to say "words did not specify, this will depend on the teacher how to enforce the law, which may harm sinner especially parents) in the case of infringement. "He was shocked by the inaccuracy of these drone scrambles that did not apply. The then education minister, Luc Chatel, had already told him - like Vincent Peillon- that every institution should comply, as part of the procedural rules, to solve the problem. "There are clauses that allow us to confiscate them. In the case of repeated failure and recidivism, it is possible to impose punishment or even disciplinary punishment. "Sitting on the school board, I know it's very hard to make rules and punish violations," says Alain Dufaut.

GPS satellite signals are now used for a variety of purposes. The most famous role is localization. GPS receivers, aircraft, ships, cars, any carrier of personnel can thank them for placing a few meters on the appropriate card or screen. The other is less well known, but the more common use is in reference to the world. The satellite gives time with incomparable accuracy. This is especially useful for mobile operators and grid operators. The time signal is used to coordinate the exchange of messages precisely. There are more than a billion GPS receivers in use worldwide and the vast majority use the NavStar system.

Some traffic management officials are planning to re-launch the old loran positioning system (an enhanced Roland). Before GPS use the transmitter, the browser often USES a more powerful signal than GPS satellites. But the costs are considerable and there is no guarantee of efficiency for the new fraudsters.

But it turns out that the interference of GPS signals has been around for some time. It is now made in Asia and sells dozens of euros on the Internet. It is mainly used by truck drivers or other employees controlled by GPS cookies. So they can make fake schedules or schedules. The problem is that the jamming can be extended to all users within a few kilometers. One of the devices used near the airport could lead to disaster. Many events have been recorded. Both the irresponsibility and the generalized interference of malicious hands can cause as much damage and downtime as the explosion.

There are no international rules prohibiting the manufacture or use of these devices. Either way, they don't apply. Other inventors for bad reasons are studying called deceiver (usurper) transmitter, they do not inhibit signal, but in the case of users don't realize became distorted signals - until he found himself in trouble.

In fact, the FCC is well aware that the use of jammers violates federal law. Moreover, the commission added that their sales were prohibited in the United States. "These devices pose a serious risk to communications that are critical to public safety and may prevent you from calling emergency Numbers, such as 911," the FCC said. As a result, young, portable mobile phone makers from Philadelphia face "severe economic penalties, seizure of illegal materials and criminal penalties. "

The wifi jammer, also known as a "jammer", is a device designed to block the frequency of a given area. Once the frequency is disturbed, all nearby devices can neither transmit nor receive information. In France, the sale of these devices is restricted to individuals and to strict controls. Only prisons and theaters can use them. Unfortunately, the GSM jammer is cheap on the Internet. Suddenly, more experienced thieves use these devices to disable wireless alerts. In fact, the components and accessories of this type of alarm are connected to each other using GSM waves. Without a wave, the system would not work, it would not work. Therefore, it would be wise to make arrangements if you choose a wireless alarm system.

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Nicodemus asked Jesus the question, "How can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?" This is found in John 3:4. This is the most important question to ask because the right answer is the key to eternal life. People have asked the same questions in different ways.

Matthew 19:16 "And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?"

Acts 2:37 "Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?

Acts 16:30 "And brought them out, and said, Sir, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved, and thy house."

To discuss the answer, I liked the way Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D. puts it, and he said, I want to point out that religion and religious practices do not mean that a person is Born Again. Therefore, just undergoing some religious ordinances such as Water Baptism, partaking the Lord's supper, or following Christian disciplines like attending church meetings, praying, tithing, and reading your bible do not mean that you are Born Again. We know that Nicodemus was a Pharisee who practised religion but still needed to be Born Again. We also read about Cornelius who was a devout and God fearing man but who was not saved or Born Again (John 3:1-8, Acts 10:1-46, Luke 7:36-50). Other groups of people are trying to keep the Ten Commandment or the laws of God as a way of entering into the Kingdom of God. The bible tells us clearly that a man is not saved by good works or by keeping the law (Ephesians 2:5-9, Titus 3:1-5, Galatians 2:16-21).

The only access to the Kingdom of God is the New Birth. The New Birth is like a natural birth: Someone must do it, "give birth." In the New Birth, the Spirit is the one who gives birth to us. He could only do so if the penalty of our sins is paid. This is why Jesus came to identify Himself with us and went to the cross as our substitute to paid the prize. Jesus death, burial, and subsequent resurrection opened the door for God to save those who believe in Christ's work and receive Him. This is one area that New Birth is different from the natural birth. We played no part in the decision to be born naturally, but our permission or decision is required for the Spiritual birth.

John 1:12-13 says, "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become sons of God, even to them that believe on His name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."

The decision is to receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

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Luke 2 verses 40 and 52 speak of the growth of Jesus Christ: "And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him...And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."

Jesus came into this World, not only to set us free from our sins, but to also set an example how we should live and grow among the newly bornagain believers and the unbelievers. Because if we'll follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, others will come to give their lives to Christ even without us talking to them.

And growth is so important to us as christians, that we need to keep reminding ourselves all of the time. I liked the way Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D. puts it here about Jesus. Jesus grew physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I believed the Holy Spirit penned this down for us to know the areas at which we are to grow. Unfortunately, to many people growth has been limited to physical and mental growth and nothing about social and spiritual growth. The outcome is that there are so many relational problems because people lack social skills. In the same way, spiritual growth is no longer a subject of emphasis even among Christians, though we agree that Jesus commissioned us to make disciples (bring converts into maturity)

Good afternoon friends. I strongly believed that God created us for a purpose. To grow and take respondsibilities of all He had planed for each of us. He did not bring us into the World just for decorations, but rather to carry out plans that He destined for us.

I'll again, mention something here by this writer, which is very important, and it has to do with growth, by Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D. And I quote: In elementary biology, we learn that a primary characteristic of living things is growth. Yes!  This law of life is growth. God made growth a critical ingredient of our existence. Growth is not only the law of life but also the wonder of life. Growth brings the best out of a living thing. Growth turns a fetus into a human being and a caterpillar into a butterfly. Growth also unleashes a person's potentials and abilities. Our stability depends on growth. Growth is always God's ideal or ultimate aim for us. He speaks to us about increase, add, multiply and abound. He has called us to an abundant life; He wants us to experience the fullness of His blessings and His grace. He wants us to grow.

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Brothers and sisters, as we entered 2018, let us do everything we can in our strength and the Power of God Almighty to be mature. As brother Mike stated in his statement, lets us move foward with this gospel of Jesus Christ. While we're depending on God, I want you and I to know that we have to play our part. When we do what He expects us to do, then He'll come to help. Lets ask the Lord to teach us how to grow,  so that we'll engoy all of the bebefits He has for us.

While reading this morning, I thought of this great writer, Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D. and I quote: I have discovered that after a person's salvation, the most important subject and pursuit is spiritual growth. Just as a baby is born with the potential to become an adult and become independent and productive, just as they have both creative and innovative abilities, so also is a person born of God. We have the potential to be filled with all the fullness of God and the potential to do what Christ did and even greater things then He did. However, the secret is in growth. When we grow, we develope and change. When we grow, we will become what He wants us to become and we will be able to do what God wants us to do.

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"He came to His own and His own did not receive Him. " John 1:11

Knock, knock! Who is there? "My name is Joseph, I'm here with my  wife Mary! She is in labor and about to give birth to the Savior , do you have a room for the Savior?"

"Sorry, I don't have room for the Savior. " 

There's room for everyone else but no room for the Savior. How many doors did Joseph and Mary knock on? We do not know but every one of them had no room for the Savior! Their houses were packed to the full with all kinds of human beings but no room for the Savior. 

The Son of God was coming into the world but no one had a room for Him. There's no room for the Maker of heaven and earth. 

It's that time of the year again when the birth of Christ is celebrated universally. It's most likely He was born some other time possibly spring because of the Shepherds who were out in the  night tending their flocks but it's great to agree on a day to celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior and LORD! 

Over 2000 years ago it was the birth of Christ and no one had a room for Him, hence He was born in a Manger. Today, we celebrate His birth but do you have room for the Savior in your heart, life, home, Church and business?

It's sad how many are celebrating Christmas without Christ in their lives! They have room for Santa, they have room for Christmas trees and the lights but no room for the True Vine, no room for the Light of the world. There's room for all kinds of gifts but no room for the best gift ever given by God, Christ the Messiah!

There's room for all kinds of food and drinks but no room for the Bread of life. 

Room for all kinds of friends but no room for the LORD !

Today even right now, the Savior is standing at the door of your heart knocking,  seeking a lifelong relationship with you, do you have room for Him? Will you let Him in?

Mike Odeh Dec 25 '17 · Tags: savior, christ
It is very necessary for every Christian to grow Spiritually most especially when we as humans're becoming so wicked to the point that no one can imagine. I liked the way Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu puts it, and I quote: Spiritual growth is necessary to each Christian. Just like a baby ought to grow into a productive adult capable of making valuable contribution to this world, so does every Christian need to grow to be productive in the Kingdom of God. If we desire to access God's blessings! We are Born Again with the nature of God, but it is our responsibility to develop this nature in us. Our potential to live, overcome, minister, pray, and win like Jesus is only actualized through Spiritual growth. When we grow Spiritually, we increase in our faith, love, patience, wisdom, power, knowledge, glory, and every virtue that Christ possesses.
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Our God is so great and powerful, there is nothing in the whole wide World and Heaven that He can not do. The riches and everything else, belongs to Him. Why is it we that He loved so much, and died for, do not have what He made available to us?

And I liked what Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D stated: Years ago, I was teaching a series on the subject "children of God" and I discovered in my studies the wealth of the inheritance available to us as God's children so I asked Him why are we not enjoying as much? The Lord said to me that the problem was immaturity. This created an obsession for me to grow and help others to grow.

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Only the Lord can build a nation! Only the Lord has the power to keep a nation together in love! No man can do anything tangible for a fellow man except by the grace of God! 

America, look unto Jesus! We can protest all we can against the Anthem or flag, only the Lord can grant a long term solution to these issues that ail us! They are different dimensions to a problem be it individual or national, there is the physical, there is the spiritual! 

If you have not secured a victory spiritually you labor in vain physically! The civil rights movement triumphed because the Church fronted that movement! Men prayed as much as they protested peacefully! The movement was fronted by spiritual, godly, prayerful men and women of God!  Meetings for the movement were held in the presence of God in Churches!  Funds raised in churches to support the movement! Men and women gathered and prayed in Churches for victory!  And the LORD granted them victory! 

Social injustice is not the only issue confronting America as a nation!  Except we want to be hypocritical!  Who is taking a knee for the millions of babies been murdered through Abortion, annually?  If those lives don't matter to you they matter to God! 

Racism is not the only thing that is threatening the continuity of the Union as it is!  Who is taking a knee for the lives that are been murdered by gang members, blacks killing blacks, killing of innocent people, high rate of homicide?  Who is taking a knee for foster kids been adopted into homes where dad is a man and mom is a man vice versa? Are they not been taken advantage of? Who is taking a knee for marriage, an institution sanctioned by God to be between a man and a woman, , we have commonized to be between man and man or woman and woman! Are we smarter than God? 

When a nation turns her back against God, she turns into the crude embrace of the devil!  When a nation turns her back against God, she turns her back on love into the cruel embrace of hate! 

When a nation says, "away with God ", she is saying, "come in Satan." Do you now complain when you begin to see the works of the Devil flourish in the land?

If you seek to get rid of a tree that is destroying the foundation of your house and roof, the long-term solution is to root it out! If you choose to cut one or two branches off the tree, that my friend is only a temporal fix!

Take a knee but please, lets be grateful to God that we still have a flag flying. Lets also be grateful for those who gave their freedom and lives so we can have ours seating down watching tv or playing football and getting paid good money! When you are complaining about not having a shoe to wear they is someone next door who does not have a leg!

Take a knee to protest, how about taking a knee in repentance to God and intercession for the land! If a quarter of this nation can bow their knees in repentance and intercession for this land, change will come! 

If Church leaders can mobilize their congregations to stand in the gap and intercede for the land, the sun of righteousness will shine again! 

But I don't know if the Church will heed such clarion call! We have become so prosperous we don't need to stress out interceding for no one! But when our bank accounts begin to diminish we go out full force to mobilize our congregation to refill the accounts! Fund raising we are very effective but interceding for the land is too much inconvenience! We have hours daily to watch movies, then vacations, then another fun activity in the Church and another fun activity! While the land is headed down to the pit of hell! Call for prayer meetings, only a handful if any will show up! Call for some Church dinner well, well, you have to get extra seats!

When you are pointing a finger at someone as the cause of your woes at least three of your fingers are pointing back at you! We are quick in blaming our leaders for  our problems but we forget that our leaders are selected from amongst us! Our leaders are a reflection of who we are as a people! In Bible times when the Isrealites turned their backs on God and became vile, it reflected in their leadership: bad leaders! When they changed their ways in repentance, it reflected in their leadership: godly leaders!

The ball is exclusively in our court! What are we gonna do? Same way we "kicked " God out of our schools depriving our children of a future without God, same way we can repent and put Him back into the affairs of our lives and endeavors!

There is hate in the land! God is love! When you kick God out you kick love out and get stuck with hate. 

Trump is not the problem, we all are! But God has the solution! Shall we approach Him in humility, repentance through Christ or shall we continue in pride, arrogance, hypocrisy , hate and sin into annihilation? 

America it is that time again to choose Whom you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

Mike Odeh Sep 29 '17 · Tags: america
No inheritance (or pursuit) in life is greater than your relationship with God. Then how much value do you place on your relationship with God?
Anjorin John Sep 18 '17 · Tags: mike odeh
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