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Attah Gideonjerry

                                       TAKING HEED

We currently live in a world where moral and righteous standards are practically on a steady decline. It is more worrisome that certain believers have compromised their faith to the extent that they appear more like the ‘world’ they were called out from. They esteem the pleasures of compromise under pressure above their convictions.


Many of these believers do not really understand the repercussions of their actions. They do not know that by denying the power of godliness whose form they have; they take many others far away from salvation.


Apostle Paul’s first letter to Timothy has a verse which should help us gird our loins and take godly living more seriously.

1Timothy 4:16 “Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.” (KJV)


This message was initially for Timothy but by the will of God it has become a message to all the saints. To take heed to oneself is to watch how one conducts himself or herself in conversation, actions, decisions and transactions. We are instructed just like Timothy to watch these things especially in relating with people.


The Apostle also brought to light another area where believers must take heed; in teaching. You may say, “but I am not a preacher or pastor?” but by the implication of living life, one is a teacher.


You teach by communicating ideologies through conversations and conducts during your normal daily activity. Take heed, that though you are a confessing Christian, what your life teaches are not ideologies contrary to the principles of God’s kingdom.


Now this is the crux of taking heed to yourself and to your teachings.


You will be able to save yourself and those that hear you; you will be able to save those that come in contact with you. Just a meeting with you pushes men and women closer to Jesus Christ.


This means that if you do not take heed to these things, you will lead yourself and those that have contact with you to destruction.


We are the light of this world, in the plan of God we should be examples for the world. Isn’t it terrible if we who should be the light, shining for others to see now become darkness like the people of the world?


By taking heed to our conducts and conversations in holiness and godliness through the help of the Holy Spirit, we would preserve our faith while we draw others to our faith or help others preserve their faith.


May God help us to take heed!  

Attah Gideonjerry Yesterday, 15:14
Attah Gideonjerry


Prayer is one of the most fundamental strongholds of the Christian faith. Men who did exploit for God in recorded and unrecorded history were men of prayer. The Holy Bible is replete with stories of men who were just as human as we are yet caused heavenly bodies and earthly circumstances to obey them, stopped nations and tweaked the normal all because they were people of prayer.

The apostle of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ was Himself a person given to prayer while He lived on earth as a man. He would frequently withdraw Himself to secluded areas to pray or within his discussions or prior to certain miraculous acts He would first pray to God His Father.

I believe the concept of prayer is beyond what one can fully discuss in a single article because of the enormity of its scope. However, this article will reveal to us salient points to help us appreciate this divine concept called prayer.

·        Prayer is fellowship: prayer is not just a means whereby we tender our supplications and needs before God alone; it is also a means whereby we also interact with God through His Holy Spirit. So whenever we come before God in our hearts to pray we should have the consciousness that God hears us and wants to talk with us too. When Jesus wept at Gethsemane, meditate on His prayer and you will find out that it was a conversation! When we pray we are having a conversation with the creator of all things. Praise God!

·        Prayer gives us strength:studying scriptural events, we find out that it isn’t every time God takes away the storm; other times He gives His children strength to resist the storm. If Prayer doesn’t take away the challenge at the moment, it builds our faith to the extent that we have peace in the face of trials. There are times when things do not really go how we want them to, we can always pray and trust God to come through for us.

·        Prayer changes things:Jabez was a man cursed from birth. His mother gave birth to him in deep anguish and she named him “sorrow”. Obviously, the man’s life turned out so sorrowfully that he had to cry out to God. Brother Jabez cried out to God about his situation and God made him more honourable than his brethren. An intricate study of the national history of Israel in bible times will reveal that though they were the apple of God’s eyes, God doesn’t do much to help them in times of their troubles until they pray. Prayer changes things not unto what we want per say but into what God wants and we can be sure that God’s plan for us is always of good. (Jer29vs11).

·        Prayer changes us:one special thing praying to God does is that it transforms us to look like whom we pray to (God). When we pray in the Holy Spirit, light breaks forth in our spirit and changes part of our mindsets which are not godly. Have you ever discovered that after moments of prayer you just couldn’t hold on to an ungodly ideology you once supported? Or you just got to understand something in God’s word without any trace to how you got to understand it? Prayer changes us!

Prayer is not a religious activity Christians undertake as a roll call; it is a means of expression, of fellowship and of transformation. Prayer has always been a place of strengthening for saints and will continue to be so. Even our Lord Jesus Christ still prays (intercedes) though He already is in heaven. May God through His Holy Spirit ignite the fire of prayer more than ever in our hearts. Amen!


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Fred James
A man who got fed up with life was about committing suicide in the forest when he heard another man's cry some distance away. Wondering who could be in such a forest at such a time, inquisitiveness made him to drop his ropes to go in search of him. When he found him, the man said to him, please, before you hang yourself, help me with the clothes you're putting on to cover my nakedness, I can't go back to the city this way. That was how he changed his mind and refrained from killing himself, seeing another person whose situation was worse than his.

In life, nothing is worth dying for. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom.5:8). He died so you won't die. We live by His death. Suicide is a lie of the devil. It is a suggestion that is not your solution, but rather leads to eternal damnation. The act of killing oneself is highly unscriptural and prohibited by God.

Your thought pattern matters a great deal. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Prov.23:7). The human mind is so powerful. Whatever affects your mind, affects your life. To think death is to end up a dead man. When you think life, you'll live. No matter the challenges, think and speak positively.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov.18:21). Nothing is permitted to happen to you which was not first spoken. Words are spiritual but manifest in the physical. Jesus says, the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life (John 6:63). Never dwell on the negative situation, always confess your expectations based on scriptures. There's hope for the living (Job 14:7, Eccl.9:4). Samson said, let me die with the Philistines, and he died (Judges 16:28-30). A robber on the cross said to Jesus, remember me in your kingdom, and he made it to Paradise that very day (Luke 23:39-43).

Never forget that God loves you passionately, and desires to have you spend eternity with Him. There's no hopelessness or helplessness with Him. He's the reason why we live. He's the God who can make the worst sinner to become the greatest preacher. Apostle Paul is an epitome. You can make it again. Life can be sweeter and better with Jesus. 

God's grace, mercy and deliverance power can find you. Mary Magdalene will tell you better (Mark 16:9). Jesus can save and lift you in life if only you give Him the opportunity. Do you have Him in your life already? If not, why delay? Now is the hour of salvation. He stands right at the door of your heart waiting to come in. There's so much to live for. You can't die now. God loves you.

Eneojo Fred James.

Fred James Oct 2 · Comments: 1
Mike Odeh

In recent times all we've been hearing is GO AND VOTE,  GO AND VOTE! 

NBA players, CNN, Harry and Meghan, Hollywood "Stars and Superstars" etc

Why should I listen to you? Because you can play basketball or because you are a good singer or Actor? In my books, character trumps talent!

However, on this I've heard you and I will be voting come November, God willing for the very first time since I've been in U.S 

If nothing changes, I'll be gladly and happily casting my VOTE for your worst nightmare and nemesis DONALD TRUMP! Yes, you heard me right! Take that from someone who is VERY WOKE (Not spiritually blind, thanks to JESUS), from someone who believes in "cancel culture" ( CANCEL SIN OF EVERY KIND AND TYPE NO EXCEPTIONS, CANCEL REBELLION AGAINST GOD AND AUTHORITY).

Something about CHARACTER IS RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS AND AUTHORITY even if you disagree with them! Yes, there's police brutality and systemic racism! But how many of these "ACTIVISTS" have acknowledged the hardworking BLUE LIVES who are laying their lives on the line every single day, in black communities where some of us can not dare to go, so you can enjoy some freedom and safety and your lavish lifestyle? Yes, they are bad cops but you dare not muddle them together with good cops that are out there risking everything for your safety! NBA, can you WRITE A THANK YOU ON YOUR COURTS TO ACKNOWLEDGE BLUE LIVES THAT HAVE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND THOSE WHO ARE RISKING IT EVERY DAY? No!!!! Political correctness won't let you do it!

You condemn brutality by bad cops and you go out there behaving like animals, what are we talking about? 

My counsel, let the black community leaders sit down with the Police and dialog about the way forward, there's nothing dialog can't do! Tell your children and subjects to return home! Two wrongs dont make a right! Or maybe there's a leadership vacuum in the black communities!

What is it? Hate Donald Trump for who he is privately but as the President of America though he has not done everything right, let us be grateful that God has used him to do something for this country. And by the way, how many of us here have done everything right in their lives?

ISIS 5 years ago were killing people all over, making barbaric videos of it and posting it all over the internet, tell me where ISIS is right now plus their leader?

The economy under this administration was doing great until COVID-19, and if you are looking for someone to blame, call  CHINA, particularly  the COMMUNIST PARTY!

 Yes, the death toll in America is high unfortunately, but you going to blame the President, common! America is a free country and freedom comes at a price! There are different dynamics to look at for the high death rate in America,  including the fact that people got tired of staying quarantined and threw caution into the wind! 

It's also important to consider the health status of Americans pre-COVID19.

People are throwing private parties etc blame the President! In this time and age, you can only tell people what to do but it is their God given right to do it or otherwise! Put the blame on the President!

No matter what you or the law says, I believe marriage is between man and woman, you can NEVER change my view or stand about that!

In the previous administration, we know what they did in that regards! And Joe Biden was part of that administration! Is it any surprise, Hollywood is backing Joe Biden? They're pissed their agenda to promote immorality of all kinds is not flourishing under this administration like it did under Obama!

Previous Presidents were playing politics with JERUSALEM been declared as the CAPITAL of ISRAEL! Every other nation has their capital but ISRAEL shouldn't because of political correctness! Under TRUMP, DONE,  next!!!

Kim Jong-un (struggle always with that name, thanks goggle) was threatening thunder and fire, every other President in recent times were playing political correctness until this president told him America got something more powerful than what he was playing with! Where is Kim right now? Eating pork meat somewhere  and maybe drafting another "love" letter to the President instead of testing rockets, no disrepect!

Call the man anything you want, what I know is politicians are human as you , infact by the nature of their job, they all have skeletons in their cupboards! And you too got secrets we don't know about! He is racist, okay, who are you?

Black men are calling each other the N word and treating each other worst than any race could treat them, how about that? Live your life! I work on a floor where the number of colored people is very scanty, is it obvious some people don't like me, maybe, but except for Christ in me, they are people I don't like too! But life goes on!

 Racism has and will always be part of human existence! As long as no one is killing each other or depriving each other the opportunity to live, live your life! Even under such circumstances we have to find CIVIL way to forge ahead!

There's racism in China, Europe, everywhere!  The only place where there's no racism is HEAVEN!

As a matter of fact, you who is calling someone racist could be one at heart!

Black lives matter and you are out there protesting etc I hear you! My advice to the leadership of BLM is to include all the black babies that are been killed in the name of abortion every year in your AGENDA! And the thousands of black lives that are been killed every year at the hands of fellow black men! Only God knows if black lives really matter to the organizers and sympathizers of your group!

What I see that is obvious to me now is that you are just an extension of the Democratic party and the leftist agenda! You are just political mercenaries and that sounds obviously different from black lives mattering!

Listen,  no politician is clean, just like no body is CLEAN except through faith in Christ and spiritual cleansing via His blood shed for remission of sin!

And little side note: no politician or political party is worth fighting or killing for, at the end of the day they are in it for what they can get, a voter like me is going to vote to get the satisfaction I AM FREE TO VOTE FOR ANYBODY I WANT TO VOTE FOR! AND BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE MR T DOES NOT MEAN EVERY BODY SHOULD JOIN YOU TO FIGHT HIM!

If anybody voice their support for Donald Trump, you scream, "BOYCOTT!!!" That sounds like hate to me! And then you go online and say, please, lets stop "hate" and all your other politically correct opinion! Who is BOYCOTTING YOU because you support BIDEN?

This is my opinion, if you disagree, go to your wall and post your opinion! And if you want to "unfriend" me because of our differences in opinion,  please, "unfriend" me! We are not meant to be!

Mike Odeh Sep 26 · Tags: my vote
Mike Odeh

" But Paul called with a loud voice, saying, “Do yourself no harm, for we are all here.” Acts 16:28

The Jailer wanted to take his own life when he realized he was in a precarious situation. He felt alone, he felt like a failure.  In an instant he was a dependable and responsible guy and in an instant all his confidence was gone, his honor was gone when he felt he had failed in keeping safe those who were committed to him for safe keeping!

But what he felt were in sharp contrast to the reality!

Regardless, he was ready to commit suicide based on the way he felt!


That feeling of hopelessness and aloneness is a mirage! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That was what made the Jailer change the course of his action. 

And we would soon realize, that this man who wanted to commit suicide had so much to live for!

He had a family to lead! He had a God to serve and a purpose to live for.



The Way out of the hopelessness you feel right now is JESUS! Turn your life over to Jesus and be saved and be baptized into newness of life!

Do you feel alone, do you feel unloved, are you heartbroken, been bullied, feel worthless and like a failure? 

You are not alone! JESUS can turn your life around for good even right now!

"...Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" Acts 16:30

"So they said, " Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household." Acts 16:31

"...And immediately he and all his family were baptized...and he rejoiced, having believed in God with all his household." Acts 16:33-34

This too can be your experience, right now!

Mike Odeh Sep 23 · Tags: life
Johnpaul Naomi
What you do with your current circumstance is far more powerful than the circumstance itself. Our lives are built on thoughts and imagination. Your present state of mind concerning that situation is a product of your thought and imagination. The word of God teaches that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us(Ephesians 3:20). So you see good thought is connected to the voice and help of God that can bring you that change, triumph, victory, and possibilities that you desire. So you see that suicide thought can only be from the devil whose sole aim is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). He wants to kill your joy, steal your victory, and destroy your life and destiny.

So, don't even consider that decision, let alone take that decision. Consciously replace that devilish thought of suicide with the thought of success, peace, joy, victory, a triumph that Christ through His blood has purchased for you. I welcome you to a new life in Christ, God bless you.

Mike Odeh

" Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  John 3:3

In this times and season when spirituality has shot from the bottom of our priorities to the very top for some, my guess, it is important for us to converse on this topic like JESUS, The Savior did with Nicodemus thousands of years ago!

Around the world, over 75,000 people have died and gone to the reality of eternity since the start of COVID-19 pandemic. It is no surprise people are asking questions and searching for answers about God, hope etc

Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night in search of answers even when he tried to mask his burden with praise and compliments! But the LORD, knowing the state of his heart and life said to him, if you want, need or seek the KINGDOM OF GOD, you have to be BORN AGAIN! Jesus went further to say, in verse 6 of John 3,  if you want God and His Kingdom you MUST BE BORN AGAIN! 

And Nicodemus began an effort to understand what Jesus meant by this! Lets make it clear here that Nicodemus was a grown, influential and religious man! That goes to say religiosity, affluence etc CANNOT save anybody!

What does it mean to be BORN AGAIN? The very first time I heard this term as a young child I was confused like Nicodemus until I became Born again!

There are two types of birth: 

1. Physical birth through the agency of Daddy and mummy! 

2. Spiritual birth through the agency of Christ and the Holy Spirit!

The physical birth, you had no input in that! And through the physical birth, you were born into sin! Because of this, sin comes natural to all humans! As we grow, without spiritual birth our best effort can only make us moral but not spiritual! Through our physical birth we claim and form a relationship with our father and mother and then siblings depending on how many siblings you have and position as first, second born etc

Without spiritual birth, we cannot claim and form a spiritual relationship with God! And God is Spirit, according to John 4:24. And you cannot know Him and serve Him clothed in sin! Hence you need a spiritual birth! 

Now, unlike the physical birth that you have no say or input as to when, how and to whom to be born, you have an input in your spiritual birth! Spiritual birth is a choice you have to make! Some have died never making that choice! And some are still living without making that choice!

Jesus came to die for our sins to make a way for us so we can have access to spiritual birth through which we become brand new like new born baby, where we start anew with God and become His children and begin a new relationship with God that can transcend into eternity! 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

John 3:15 says, "...that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

This spiritual birth grants you eternal life! And if you stay in this relationship with God, your life will not be the same again forever! And when you die, you will enter the Kingdom of heaven where God dwells and you will be there forever!

Again nobody is going to make this choice for you! Like you choose the kind of clothes to wear and take off, you can choose this spiritual birth or just allow the devil to deceive your heart by making you feel there are more important things to do than this! When this should be the most important thing to do in your whole human life!

How can I experience this spiritual birth if you haven't?

BELIEVE IN JESUS! He gave His life to

 1. Show you God loves you 

2. To make a WAY so you can have a relationship with God and have LIFE, the real life, ETERNAL LIFE!

If you want something and someone has it, you humbly go to the person and ask for it!

Today, if you want spiritual birth and seek a genuine relationship with God ask JESUS for it right now in prayers! And because He is real and here with you right now, you are going to kneel as a sinner and rise a saint! Because,  your sins will be forgiven and you will become a new creation! 

Ask Jesus for forgiveness of sins and freedom from sin! Ask JESUS right now to cleanse you with His precious blood! Ask JESUS right now to make you a new person! Ask JESUS right now to make you a Born again!

Yours in Christ 

Mike Odeh

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