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Ever since I became born again, Jesus has manifested himself to me in divers ways, but I will only write about Him as MY PRINCE OF PEACE.

My life, I can say is a manifestation of JESUS AS THE PRINCE OF PEACE. Jew few years into my marriage, after the birth of my second child, the devil came with the intention  to cease the love and peace in my home. At that time, my husband and I were working in the same organisation and he was framed and accused of an act that was never true. it looked so real and believable to mortal men; it was something that was capable of destroying any marriage that is not founded by God and the expectation of colleagues was that I will leave my marriage, my home, my job and most especially my God. But they never knew that my PRINCE OF PEACE is around the corner calming the storm.

My husband came home that evening, to explain to me all that had happened and I told him 'is that all?' he said yes and further told my that his direct boss will like to speak to me. I asked him, 'on this matter?' he said yes. We were staying in one of the two bed room apartments in the staff quarters and his boss also stays in another apartment in the staff quarters. My kids were already asleep, so we left them and went to see his boss.

The boss narrated all that had happened just like my husband told me and he waited to see and hear my response. I appreciated him for calling me and I told him, 'may God give you all the wisdom to handle the matter'. I could feel and see his shock and surprise at my response.

Back home, my husband was restless and worried that I was not saying anything. I told him there was nothing to say, we prayed and I told him, please come and sleep, there is nothing to be worried about. I didn't know when he slept because me I slept like a baby.

The next day I went to the office and even the class to lecture, I could feel all eyes on my; i could feel their thought and expectation dashed. My husband was also in his office, I kept sending  text of encouragement to him. I went to his office after my lecture to make sure he was very okay. Even when the final resolution of the panel according to them, because there was no proper investigation or panel set up, imagine in less that two (2) of investigation, they already came out with their resolution. We were asked to vacate the staff quarters in less than 48hours, my husband was released of his job but they couldn't sack me or ask me to resign because it will become too obvious that it was a set up. In all of these, JESUS IS STILL MY PRINCE OF PEACE. My Jesus worked for us a far weight of glory.

God directed my husband to a two bed room flat in town, we went to see the place, paid for it, cleaned it, got a lorry to park our things and we moved out that same day. God is faithful! Our marriage got sweeter, bigger and better after the incidence. Today, the same people who mocked, conspired and laughed at us are running to our feet. Take all the glory LORD.

Again, few year after the birth of my third child, I discovered I was pregnant again. One morning, after dressing my kids for school and they left, I felt tired and decided to rest. I slept off and when I woke up, I made attempt to stand up only to see blood coming out from me, I reached out to my phone called my husband, who came and took me to the hospital. I was treated, my child was stable, admitted for two (2) days and the blood stopped. the doctor placed me on bed rest for a month, after which I should return for checkup.

I couldn't do anything at home, we were forced to employ a nanny, something we never wanted most especially at this stage of our children's life. I was not comfortable because I was used to doing thing myself. Few weeks later, I started having contraction, I told my husband this is not normal, the pregnancy was just four months old. We went to the hospital, the doctor did all he could but the contraction kept reoccurring and became more sever and painful as if I in labour. I cried out to my FATHER, I told HIM, Father take away this pain and give me peace and He told me 'my child, it is the best I will do for you'. Shortly, the fetus passed out, my PRINCE OF PEACE came and gave me peace again.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is peace personified, you have Him, your peace know no bounds. Embrace the PRINCE OF PEACE today and you will so glad you did. God bless you.



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Mike Odeh
Nov 23
Powerful testimony! Glory to God!!! The Lord continue to bless and increase you and your family on every side! Thanks for sharing!!!
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By Johnpaul Naomi
Added Nov 10


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