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Today, I want to write about FARM HOUSES as a key to LIVING WELL. The good book ( the Bible) refers to Adam and Eve settling in THE GARDEN OF EDEN. They sustained their health by eating from the various plants in the garden (Genesis 1:26-29). They also worked in the garden and maintained it. All the leaves, fruits, seeds, nuts, stem and root tubers, spices, and any ther plant parts were available to them for food and medicine (Ezekiel 47:12). They and the immediate generations after them lived for hundreds of years!! Why was this possible? Part of the answer is that it was their culture to live in GARDENS. What, then, are the benefits of living in gardens?


It provides us with the opportunity to cooperate with nature in producing high-quality, natural food .

The by-products of food production can be recycled as natural fertilizers.

One can benefit from the advantages of mixed farming, and may not need the use of modern farm chemicals, which are injurious to the body.

With land available, the gardener is motivated to practice  INTER-PLANTING and INTER-CROPPING, instead of mono-cropping. This increases the level of food self-sufficiency, because of the planting of most family needs on a relatively small piece of land.

Inter-planting and inter-cropping reduce the incidence of pests drastically; hence, the gardener may not need pesticides at all. Where the need may arise, organic non-toxic ones ca be produced right on the farm.

It is possible to raise completely grass-fed  animals on the farm, thus making sure that all animal products at table are free from harmful hormones and antibiotics.

Herbs, shrubs, and trees in the garden supply copious amount of oxygen  during the dark phase of photosynthesis to enrich the air the residents inhale.

The mere seeing of the green color of plants everyday has a therapeutic effect on the body.

Farm-house residents cannot do but move round the farm, doing pieces of work to maintain the farm's productivity. That gives a regular form of exercise often involving all the tissues and organs of the body.

Residents on a farm usually have more knowledge of common plants than city dwellers. They may even be able to treat themselves and their domestic animals from the use of appropriate herbs.

A well-managed garden will usually have surplus crops, which can be given to neighbors, the poor, or sold. Whichever way, it brings inner satisfaction and a deep sense of achievement.

Finally, a worshipful heart at table for the miracles of food production brings healing to the producer/consumer.

Build houses, live in them; plant gardens, and eat the fruits thereof. Jeremiah 29:5. 

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits.......who heals all your diseases, and satisfies your mouth with GOOD THINGS, SO THAT YOUR YOUTH IS RENEWED LIKE THE EAGLE'S. Psalm 103:1,5,6.

I have interpreted these verses scientifically and practiced them. They have been of benefit to me, and I am sure they will to you.

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By Mike Oye
Added Aug 21 '15



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