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October 31st this year, 224 people boarded a plane to return home to Russia from vacation in Egypt. Had plans for the next day. Had friends and family to return to but that never happened as they all lost their lives from terrorist attack. 

Right before our eyes, terror unfolded in Paris November 13th. At the end of the ordeal, 130 precious souls lost their lives and left behind a heart broken world. 

14 people never returned back alive to their loved ones from a holiday party in California as they died by the hands of their own colleague and his wife. 

Total of 368 people died from the above named events. 368 people like you and me! Had plans and dreams and hopes. And just like that, in a twinkle of an eye, they are gone! 

They died in places where the last thing on your mind is DEATH! They died not ready at all! Otherwise they could have said their final goodbyes to their loved ones! 

I have lost a couple of people that were close to me! I can't help but reflect about Eternity! The truth is I will die someday whether I like it or not! 

The thought of Eternity can be scary!  And it is a legit fear! What is life on the other side like? What is waiting for me on the other side? How does dying feel like? Will I make it to heaven?  All these and many more questions are part of my reflection about Eternity! 

Is anybody really ready to die? I doubt! Does anyone know the very hour he/she is going to die?  I doubt! 

Eternity is a reality we must all be prepared for! 

Death is what we don't like to talk about!  But it is one thing that must happen to all humans if Christ tarries! It is one thing all men have in common! 

It is Wisdom to be prepared for eternity my friend! 

Only the Lord knows how many people were prepared for Eternity amongst the 368 people that died. Or the millions that die annually. 

Heaven is the destination everyone desires to end up after life on earth! But how many people have heaven as their daily priority?  How many are making deliberate daily effort to make it to heaven? We are too busy! Others care less! 

Every destination has a way! Are you in the way that ends in heaven? Or the way that leads to hell? 

"Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

The best preparation you can make for Eternity is to be in Jesus ALL the time! For you to be in Jesus, Jesus has to be in you first! DO YOU HAVE JESUS? ARE YOU IN JESUS? IS JESUS IN YOU? DO YOU HAVE THE REAL JESUS NOT THE FAKE JESUS? Not the Jesus that false prophets and teachers are hoarding around because of greed! The Jesus that sets free from sin and keeps you free! Not the Jesus that keeps you in sin! 

If you have Jesus in your life TO DIE IS GAIN! You have no fear of death because it is swallowed up in victory! Anytime death comes you are ready!  Death for a faithful disciple of Christ is PASSAGE INTO ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN! ALLELUIA! 

It is now obvious that there is no safety anywhere but in Christ! Safety is not guaranteed anywhere now, not in theaters, not in plane flying in the air nor a health care facility! 

If you are in Jesus and Jesus is in you, you are safe anywhere even in death! 

Do not assume that you are in Jesus, do not assume you have Jesus! You have to be sure about this! Some people in Matthew 7:21-23 assumed they belonged to Jesus only to find out they were WORKERS OF INIQUITY! 


Mike Odeh Dec 18 '15 · Comments: 2 · Tags: heaven, eternity
"You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected." 

Matthew 24:44 (NLT) 

Jesus will come back again, just as He said He will! Nothing will change that! We can't stop Him from coming back!  The question is when? 

It can be today, tomorrow or the next or 100 years from now! 

Our worry should not be when is the Lord coming back! It is required of us to be READY ALL THE TIME! 


The second coming of Christ is an event every Believer is supposed to look forward to expectantly! But unfortunately the reverse is the case! Many Believers are not enthusiastic about meeting with the Lord through His second coming! 

There was a time believers talked Heaven in all their conversation!  They talked about His second coming with excitement!  And the generation of those believers because of their mindset and readiness were serious with the Lord! Those believers stood out as a God fearing generation!  Holiness and righteousness was their watch word and emblem! 

But here we are, a generation that does not know or refuse to care about the eminent return of Christ! And as a result of this I don't care attitude, iniquity is now a norm and value of the society! We have become so cold in our relationship with Christ that we don't care about His return! Now believers tolerate sin!  Now believers no longer see themselves as pilgrims or the citizens of Heaven traveling through the world!  Believers now see the world  as home!  We have adapted and adopted the ways of the world! 

Even in the church, righteousness and holiness and the constant reminder of His coming is no longer a relevant message, those have been thrown out the window! The message of how to make everything but HEAVEN is now the real deal! 

BE READY ALL THE TIME!  This is for any believer who wants to make it to heaven! Any other believer who care less about eternity with God will care less! 

Tolerance of sin will make you unprepared! Sin is a weight!  Any believer who have refused to let go of sin will be left behind when Christ appears! Because sin will weigh you down! And keep you back on the earth where it belongs! 

Sin is the emblem of those who are of the world! To have it in your possession as a Believer is going to cost you your citizenship of heaven! 

Believers who are ready are always thinking about Christ and how to please Him through righteous and holy living! How to make it to heaven is their number one priority! How to store up treasures in heaven! How to carry others along with them is also their priority! Such believers won't compromise their hope and faith for anything the world has to offer!  They are loyal to their Lord and consider the citizenship of heaven of greater worth than any thing the world has to offer, knowing that the world will pass away but heaven is for all eternity! 

Believers who are ready are excitedly and expectantly looking forward to meet with Christ through His second coming here on earth or in death! ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? 


Mike Odeh Sep 15 '15 · Comments: 2 · Tags: heaven, rapture