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Topic: That I May Know Him

Text: Philippians 3:10

"...that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death..."

Ours should be the hunger and desire to know more about Christ!

They're some people in your life that when you got to know them, your life never remained the same! And the more you have had them in your life, the more blessed you have been!

Do you know JESUS? How much do you know about Him?

The context of knowing Jesus here is about relationship! A relationship that is functional and up to date!

The context also connotes more insight and understanding of Who Christ is, in such a way that you are inspired and touched in a PERSONAL way to live and lead a life that will please God!

The more you desire and hunger to know more about Christ in a personal way, the more of Him you will know in such a manner that your life and conduct will be affected in a positive way transcending into eternity!

The Devil is okay with you pursuing other concourse but this! The search for more of Christ is a quest for truth and life, the devil represents the opposite of that!

So, you are going to decide whom you want to please with your life, the devil or Christ!

Prayer focus: Father,  give me the desire and hunger to seek and know more of Christ.

Mike Odeh.