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Brothers and sisters, as we entered 2018, let us do everything we can in our strength and the Power of God Almighty to be mature. As brother Mike stated in his statement, lets us move foward with this gospel of Jesus Christ. While we're depending on God, I want you and I to know that we have to play our part. When we do what He expects us to do, then He'll come to help. Lets ask the Lord to teach us how to grow,  so that we'll engoy all of the bebefits He has for us.

While reading this morning, I thought of this great writer, Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu, Ph.D. and I quote: I have discovered that after a person's salvation, the most important subject and pursuit is spiritual growth. Just as a baby is born with the potential to become an adult and become independent and productive, just as they have both creative and innovative abilities, so also is a person born of God. We have the potential to be filled with all the fullness of God and the potential to do what Christ did and even greater things then He did. However, the secret is in growth. When we grow, we develope and change. When we grow, we will become what He wants us to become and we will be able to do what God wants us to do.

George Wion Jan 1 · Tags: grow., mature
Let us learn to grow and stop been children who lack endurance. Pain is painful and no one enjoys it. However, children because of them not being strong and developed cannot deal with pain as the matured person does. That is why they cry more than the grown ups. Christians who lack endurance or longsuffering are not matured or well grown. We are called among other things to suffer for Christ and until you develope or grow up you will be offended at Him (Philippians 1:28-29).
George Wion Apr 28 '17 · Tags: strong, mature