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Mike Odeh

In recent times all we've been hearing is GO AND VOTE,  GO AND VOTE! 

NBA players, CNN, Harry and Meghan, Hollywood "Stars and Superstars" etc

Why should I listen to you? Because you can play basketball or because you are a good singer or Actor? In my books, character trumps talent!

However, on this I've heard you and I will be voting come November, God willing for the very first time since I've been in U.S 

If nothing changes, I'll be gladly and happily casting my VOTE for your worst nightmare and nemesis DONALD TRUMP! Yes, you heard me right! Take that from someone who is VERY WOKE (Not spiritually blind, thanks to JESUS), from someone who believes in "cancel culture" ( CANCEL SIN OF EVERY KIND AND TYPE NO EXCEPTIONS, CANCEL REBELLION AGAINST GOD AND AUTHORITY).

Something about CHARACTER IS RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS AND AUTHORITY even if you disagree with them! Yes, there's police brutality and systemic racism! But how many of these "ACTIVISTS" have acknowledged the hardworking BLUE LIVES who are laying their lives on the line every single day, in black communities where some of us can not dare to go, so you can enjoy some freedom and safety and your lavish lifestyle? Yes, they are bad cops but you dare not muddle them together with good cops that are out there risking everything for your safety! NBA, can you WRITE A THANK YOU ON YOUR COURTS TO ACKNOWLEDGE BLUE LIVES THAT HAVE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND THOSE WHO ARE RISKING IT EVERY DAY? No!!!! Political correctness won't let you do it!

You condemn brutality by bad cops and you go out there behaving like animals, what are we talking about? 

My counsel, let the black community leaders sit down with the Police and dialog about the way forward, there's nothing dialog can't do! Tell your children and subjects to return home! Two wrongs dont make a right! Or maybe there's a leadership vacuum in the black communities!

What is it? Hate Donald Trump for who he is privately but as the President of America though he has not done everything right, let us be grateful that God has used him to do something for this country. And by the way, how many of us here have done everything right in their lives?

ISIS 5 years ago were killing people all over, making barbaric videos of it and posting it all over the internet, tell me where ISIS is right now plus their leader?

The economy under this administration was doing great until COVID-19, and if you are looking for someone to blame, call  CHINA, particularly  the COMMUNIST PARTY!

 Yes, the death toll in America is high unfortunately, but you going to blame the President, common! America is a free country and freedom comes at a price! There are different dynamics to look at for the high death rate in America,  including the fact that people got tired of staying quarantined and threw caution into the wind! 

It's also important to consider the health status of Americans pre-COVID19.

People are throwing private parties etc blame the President! In this time and age, you can only tell people what to do but it is their God given right to do it or otherwise! Put the blame on the President!

No matter what you or the law says, I believe marriage is between man and woman, you can NEVER change my view or stand about that!

In the previous administration, we know what they did in that regards! And Joe Biden was part of that administration! Is it any surprise, Hollywood is backing Joe Biden? They're pissed their agenda to promote immorality of all kinds is not flourishing under this administration like it did under Obama!

Previous Presidents were playing politics with JERUSALEM been declared as the CAPITAL of ISRAEL! Every other nation has their capital but ISRAEL shouldn't because of political correctness! Under TRUMP, DONE,  next!!!

Kim Jong-un (struggle always with that name, thanks goggle) was threatening thunder and fire, every other President in recent times were playing political correctness until this president told him America got something more powerful than what he was playing with! Where is Kim right now? Eating pork meat somewhere  and maybe drafting another "love" letter to the President instead of testing rockets, no disrepect!

Call the man anything you want, what I know is politicians are human as you , infact by the nature of their job, they all have skeletons in their cupboards! And you too got secrets we don't know about! He is racist, okay, who are you?

Black men are calling each other the N word and treating each other worst than any race could treat them, how about that? Live your life! I work on a floor where the number of colored people is very scanty, is it obvious some people don't like me, maybe, but except for Christ in me, they are people I don't like too! But life goes on!

 Racism has and will always be part of human existence! As long as no one is killing each other or depriving each other the opportunity to live, live your life! Even under such circumstances we have to find CIVIL way to forge ahead!

There's racism in China, Europe, everywhere!  The only place where there's no racism is HEAVEN!

As a matter of fact, you who is calling someone racist could be one at heart!

Black lives matter and you are out there protesting etc I hear you! My advice to the leadership of BLM is to include all the black babies that are been killed in the name of abortion every year in your AGENDA! And the thousands of black lives that are been killed every year at the hands of fellow black men! Only God knows if black lives really matter to the organizers and sympathizers of your group!

What I see that is obvious to me now is that you are just an extension of the Democratic party and the leftist agenda! You are just political mercenaries and that sounds obviously different from black lives mattering!

Listen,  no politician is clean, just like no body is CLEAN except through faith in Christ and spiritual cleansing via His blood shed for remission of sin!

And little side note: no politician or political party is worth fighting or killing for, at the end of the day they are in it for what they can get, a voter like me is going to vote to get the satisfaction I AM FREE TO VOTE FOR ANYBODY I WANT TO VOTE FOR! AND BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE MR T DOES NOT MEAN EVERY BODY SHOULD JOIN YOU TO FIGHT HIM!

If anybody voice their support for Donald Trump, you scream, "BOYCOTT!!!" That sounds like hate to me! And then you go online and say, please, lets stop "hate" and all your other politically correct opinion! Who is BOYCOTTING YOU because you support BIDEN?

This is my opinion, if you disagree, go to your wall and post your opinion! And if you want to "unfriend" me because of our differences in opinion,  please, "unfriend" me! We are not meant to be!

Mike Odeh Sep 26 '20 · Tags: my vote