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Mike Odeh

I came across a guy yesterday while picking up groceries for my family!

Approached me in the middle of the store, and asked for my audience to share something important quickly! He came across as someone wanting to share the gospel of Christ and I was excited at the boldness of a "fellow Believer " to share the gospel of Christ in the middle of the store!

And then he asked me if I have heard about "mother god" and refered me to  the book of revelation, where scripture says, " The Spirit and the bride..."

And he went on to say, the Bible is talking about salvation through someone else..." 

I was like in my mind, "holy molly" what is this guy talking about! 

And I said to him have you read John 14:6, " Jesus said to him, I  AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE,  NO ONE  COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." Done, case closed.


He now switched to the day of fellowship, it should be Saturday not Sunday. And I said I don't really care much about the day of the week Believers agree to congregate and fellowship, the emphasis should be on the IMPORTANCE AND RELEVANCE of "...Believers not despising the assembly of Brethren. " Referring him to Hebrews 10:25

Well, after failing to convince me on that,  he abruptly ended his attempt on securing my salvation through "mother god." 

My take away from that "encounter." 

1. Interesting times we live in! Salvation is not complicated, neither is God and the provision He has made for our salvation. He has made the provision why fabricate another? BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died in your place to show you the depth of God's love for you and you will be Saved. How complicated is that?

2. Know God for yourself, otherwise, you can be  easily decieved in the times we live in!

That someone is quoting scriptures does not make them or their message legit. Test all spirits. Even Satan quoted from the Bible. People have quoted Songs of Solomon from the Bible in attempt to lure sisters into moral sins: namely fornication or adultery. 

How about some "preacher"  approaching a lady and saying the "holy spirit " said we should engage in sexual sin. Interesting times people! Guard your Soul!

Mike Odeh Dec 10 '20 · Tags: salvation