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Rehab was a prostitute, lost, a destitute 

Had hopes, had dreams but a prostitute, 

The God of Israel showed up in her story, 

She got more than her dreams and hopes 

The Messiah came from her genealogy. 

If God could do it for Rehab, why not you? 

Mary Magdalene, possessed by demons 

Prostitution was all the use her life was worth, 

Then Jesus showed up in her life, 

The Redeemer of her Soul, Restorer of her worth 

The first to see the resurrected Christ. 

If Jesus could make something of Mary Magdalene, why not you? 

Paul was a persecutor, a murderer kind of 

Relevance he wanted, but a destroyer he became

Suddenly, he had an encounter with His Maker, 

To the ground he fell a sinner, by mercy he rose up saved, 

More than relevant he became, many generations after. 

If the LORD could do these for Paul, why not you? 

Your story may or may not be like Rehabs'

Mary Magdalene definitely does not sound like your name, 

You are not Paul or Saul either. 

Their stories is the story of what God can do, 

If you can only believe.

If He did it for them, why not you? 

Christ is everything you will ever need, 

You can't know how much He means 

Until you embrace Him, O what a life,

The Soul in whom Christ is LORD indeed. 

Salvation, Redemption, Transformation, Restoration and more, Jesus freely gives, 

He did it for others, why not you? 

Mike Odeh Sep 13 '16 · Tags: redemption, salvation