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I am saying this, because I have observed in many of the churches, Pastors and other leaders of congregations allow members to do anything the feel like, gave people key positions in the church who are not Spirit filled. There are areas, you can give members to be responsible for, even if they are not Spirit filled.But there are special positions that can not just be given out to anyone. Only those who are Spirit filled or the ones that are commited and seeking the face of the Lord. I want to also say that God is not for play. You can't jump up and say let my friends or family run this in the church, if the have the qualities that I mentioned early, then of couse, key responsibilities can be given to them in the church. We got to forget about not making people to feel bad or pleasing them. And lastly, these members should be preached to most times about their Spiritual growth or messages that will stire them up, so that the will not continued to be confortable with their sinful lives. Let us know that church is about enternal Life Hell! People play all the games, tricks and every other thing in the whole World and the are tired, and the come to God house, then the want to do the same thing. We are in the last days, therefore, we need leaders who will stand up for the truth, nothing but the truth! 

God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in Spirit and in truth. John 4:24

George Wion Jun 8 '17 · Tags: stand up.