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We need the mercy of God in a time like this! We also need the power of God to destroy the works of darkness that is so prevalent in our generation. 

It is now expedient for faithful disciples of Christ everywhere to take a stand in righteousness and effective prayers to defend the cause of Christ and win souls!

The devil is all out, using every means and strategies to promote iniquity and enslave as many souls as possible and use them to denounce and blaspheme God and destroy any and every thing that has the mention of God, if possible. 

The devil and his cohorts are all out to destroy everything God has instituted!  The devil's agenda is to destroy everything God has made, if possible, especially humans who are made in God's image. 

And like we see in Genesis 3, how Adam and Eve were destroyed through sin, the devil is still using same strategy today. But now, more aggressively because he knows the end of all things is NEAR! 

More than ever before, it's easier to commit sin. Your phone,  social network, media, computer, clubs etc 

And more prominent amongst the sin of our generation is homosexuality. Top amongst the devil's agenda is the GAY project, to make everyone a Gay if possible or at least make every one accept it. You are a partaker of a sin that you do not participate in but accept!  You are a partaker of the sin of fornication though you don't fornicate but condones and support those who do! 

It is so sad to see the agenda of the devil progressing aggressively, especially in the U.S right in the face of Believers.

I am afraid for the future, mine and that of my kids!  How can homosexuality be RIGHT? How can we accept that there is nothing wrong in been a Gay? This is first a moral issue and most importantly the spiritual implication! Even little children know that it is not man versus man or woman versus woman!  And now we have to brain wash them and tell them otherwise?  I have a divine responsibility to teach my children the right thing morally and spiritually, should I abscond and abandon this spiritual duty for the sake of the media, few individuals or the devil's agenda?  No!  I shall not be guilty of misleading my family!  I am accountable unto God for them! 

Sin is not to be tolerated!  Sin is to be obliterated!  Sin is to be washed away through the blood of Jesus! We are not to be slaves to any kind of sin but to be FREE and serve God faithfully! But the devil wants us to be slaves to sin of all kinds and proportion. 

When you give the devil an inch in your heart by tolerance of sin, he will go miles with you in committing sin. And this journey may continue into eternity with him except you ask Jesus to set you free from ALL SINS!  And make you His own EXCLUSIVELY! 

A lot of the people who are secretly or openly gay today, tolerated one form of sin yesterday!  They gave the devil an inch in their lives and he led them all the way! 

If you invite the devil for a night over, he will stay for days unending, if you let him! 

The only remedy for sin and the devil and his agenda and agents and agencies is JESUS CHRIST AND HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD, THE BLOOD OF JESUS! It CLEANSES DEEP AND CLEAN AND MAKES THE HEART AS WHITE AS SNOW! 

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. " Ephesians 5:12 

The days ahead of us is tough as followers of Christ, if Christ tarries! The battle is raging and rages on!  BUT THIS BATTLE IS ONE WE CAN WIN!  IN FACT, CHRIST OUR LORD HAS WON THIS BATTLE AND IF WE SHALL WALK WITH HIM WE ALSO AND OUR CHILDREN AND GENERATION SHALL PARTAKE OF THE VICTORY! 

But we must understand that the battle we fight is not against flesh and blood. It's not against homosexuals or adulterers or fornicators etc IT IS A SPIRITUAL FIGHT AGAINST SATAN AND HIS AGENCY CALLED SIN! 

Three principles or strategies we can use to secure this victory in our generation shall be:

1. Total surrender and faithfulness to Jesus Christ : We have failed this far in this battle because of our unfaithfulness to our Lord and Savior! Jesus is Sin exterminator!  And where there is NO SIN THERE IS NO DEVIL! What a joy to live a life free from sin and free of sin! When we walk with the Lord in total obedience we shall enjoy the victory because HE IS LORD OVER ALL!  

2. Prayer: if we shall be more prayerful disciples, we shall wash many foot free from sin!  Jesus bent down and washed His disciples feet and ask that we do the same!  If we shall bend down more often in the place of prayer, we shall save many lives from sin and the captivity of the devil. Anyone who comes out openly as a sinner needs not judgment but our prayers! All those coming out openly as gay are actually asking for help! They are asking for our prayers ; a washing of their foot that is covered in sin!  And O, we have the water, we have the blood, and how it WASHES THE DEEPEST STAIN, HOW IT WASHES THE DIRTIEST FEET!  If we can bend down in PRAYERS AND TAKE THE WORD AND THE BLOOD AND BEGIN TO WASH! Is there any body God can't change? Is there anything God can't do? O what a testimony it will be, when someone comes out openly as gay, and believers every where pick him/her up in prayers and bend down and begin to pray and wash and wash with the word and blood and the person all of a sudden begins to notice changes he can't explain and BOOM, HE HAS AN ENCOUNTER WITH CHRIST and two weeks later, he is BORN-AGAIN!  O how wonderful will that be! THIS IS WHAT JESUS CAN DO THROUGH US, WHEN WE BEGIN TO BEND AND WASH FEET IN PRAYERS RATHER THAN STAND COMPLAINING AND CRITICIZING AND/OR PLAYING A JUDGE! 

If we shall do the same for people around us who are living in sin of any kind, we shall see the glory of Christ revealed in and through their lives! 

3. Evangelism: the gospel of Christ remains the potent weapon against the devil and his works!  The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation!  The gospel of Christ is the Word, the Truth that sets free and keeps free when it is known!  And how can it be known if we don't share it? How can it be known, when we are ashamed of sharing the gospel of Christ? The gospel of Christ is all about love! We are supposed to share the love of Christ!  But you can't share what you don't have!  We are called to be witnesses!  Or rather, you are called to be a WITNESS! So, if you have not witnessed the love of Christ personally, it shall be a challenge to witness to others. Herein lies the challenge we have in our generation, many preachers preaching the gospel but where is the result? You can't give who and what you don't have!  If you have not experienced the Christ in the gospel, His love and life, you are not eligible or qualified to be a witness!  Have you encountered the real Christ?  Not the Christ a lot of people are preaching today!  Not the materialistic Christ!  Not the Christ that tolerates sin! But the Christ who loves you and gave His life for you!  The Christ who sets free and keeps free from sin! The Christ who died and rose again with all authority and power in heaven and on earth! This Christ is available for all!  If you ask for Him, He will come in! In fact revelation 3:20 says, He is at the door knocking, waiting for you to let Him into your heart not your head or any where else from where His love will flow to others as you tell them about Christ your Lord and Love!  As you witness what you have witnessed, then there shall be power, then there shall be result of salvation because heaven knows your witness is true! 

If you have the real Christ as your Lord, your life will reflect His love and life. And when you preach the gospel, it shall not contradict your life style! 

The gospel is all about love, for God is LOVE!  If you don't have love you are not qualified to preach the gospel of Christ, if you do, your testimony is not true! You may have an audience but their lives will not be gloriously transformed. 

The Holy Spirit is love! That is why Jesus instructed His disciples to wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! If you shall be an effective witness it cannot be done without the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of love! 

If you have Christ and the Holy Spirit and His love, you are required to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF EVERY NATION. Without Fear and/or Shame! 

If people who are doing abominable things are not ashamed of promoting it, why should you be ashamed of the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE?

Mike Odeh May 1 '15 · Comments: 6 · Tags: the truth