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If we are bornagain, and spiritually grown or matured, let us get out there and win souls that are lost. One thing that will help you and I grow, is to see people experience what we have! For those of us who just got bornagain, we can begin by sharing our testimonies and urge people to come to Christ. I believe we will have lot of people turn their lives to Christ. And this will help us to develope, cause we have to be an example to them, and not only that, but we will need to study the Word of God, so as to answer questions they may have or explain things that they may not understand. And  doing that will help you and I greatly. When we are serious to win souls, the Lord will bless us and let His fresh anointing over our lives! The Holy Spirit was given to us so that we will become witnesses (Acts 1:4-8, Luke 24:47-49).
George Wion Apr 28 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: wining souls!