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" Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. " Proverbs 14:34

Sin is not an asset! Sin is a liability! Sin is a reproach! Sin does not add value to life, sin is a silent killer! Sin is an ally of the devil! Sin is a doorway for demonic oppression and infestation! Tolerating sin in your life is the worst thing you can do to your precious soul! Sin is a deadly poison coated with sugar! Sin in collaboration with the devil will rob you of everything good in life! Sin can cost you eternity with the Lord! 

Glory be to God, Jesus the Son of the living God, the Messiah is the Lamb of God capable of taking away not just your sin but that of the whole world! His blood that was shed on Calvary is THICK and POTENT enough to wash away the deepest sin stain. 

You can be the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus today! 

If you have sin infestation, Jesus the Messiah is ready and willing to forgive, cleanse and obliterate sin out of your life forever! 

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

Everyone who calls...Does not matter how much sin you have committed, Jesus can save you! Jesus has no regards for the kind or type of sinner you are, He is more interested in coming to your rescue, He is more interested in saving you! If only you will make that call! 

In an emergency situation, police can't do much for you except you make that 911 call. 

You don't just pick up the phone and call some random number for help, you call 911. 

Call on Jesus! Go on your knees and call On Jesus!  Look up to heaven and call on Jesus for salvation and freedom from sin and it's consequences! 

Living in sin is accepting to live in perpetual reproach all your life when help is just J.E.S.U.S away! 

Call on Jesus today whoever you are, salvation is FREE BUT FULL! 

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The Wall

Jan 12 '16
You are absolutely correct. Sin is a silent killer. Sin look sweet and sound sweet, but the end result is death.
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