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Tongues are for personal edification, but would be of no need if we cannot harness those mysteries precipitated from the ocean of His wisdom while we pray in the Spirit. It is not how much we can pray in the Spirit that counts but how well we can listen to Holy Spirit and utilize those instructions passed to us. It will be very useless of us to dig deeper into knowing His mind only to refuse to comply. God is not just interested in speaking but to those who will be faithful enough to carry out His order. You might have a great access into the mysterious things of the kingdom and never have the grace to abide by those mysteries. All that matters to God is how consistent our life is to what we do receive from the Father. Terrible judgement await those that are highly gifted and never commit their own life to the blessing of the gift they are carrying.
We are in living in the world that is occupied with so many anxieties, fear and strife for excellence. This mentality has taken more of our time and availability to pursue the PRIMARY AIM OF OUR CREATION-Serving the Lord and pleasing Him with all of heart and strength. As far as eternity is concern, every other personal activities that is not for the interest of the Kingdom is a WASTED EFFORT AND MOMENT. The only well maximised time is when we propagate God's Kingdom here on earth and that is the only time that matter to God. THE TIME DEDICATED TO WORK FOR GOD IS As SAVING OUT OF YOUR EARNING THAT WOULD BE YOUR ONLY SUSTAINANCE WHEN YOU YOU ARE RETIRED FROM YOUR JOB. Life is like a capital given to all of us. Please never allow a day go down without saving a percentage that will sustain you in heaven when you are no more in this flesh. Use this mortal flesh to store up the immortal treasure in heaven where nothing can destroy. It is not how busy we are that matters, but what we are able to achieve and save. HOW HAVE WE BEEN WISE TO SPEND MUCH TIME TO DO THE WORK OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN WHERE OUR ETERNAL HOPE IS?. Dear fellow Brethren, out of the whole busy time we have in each day, the only PROFITABLE TIME IS THE THE MOMENT THAT WE ARE ABLE TO AFFECT A SOUL FOR CHRIST BY ANY MEANS.
While many other believers in the world today are becoming weary of the Kingdom service it is very important to consider the timeless advantage we have while faithfully and tirelessly responding to the high calling the Master has called us. Imagine the man that is having all the material fulfilment he desires wandering with the doubt of where his precious soul would go after all the temporal pleasure of this temporal world. The grace that has fetched us from eternal darkness and has given the hope of the SURPASSING GLORY must be forever celebrated and indebted to. Who are we to share in the issue of eternal gory of the kingdom. For this mystery was hidden from the wise and the rich of this world and has been revealed to us that are nothing. No value of human material achievement has ever and can ever qualify him for this divine mandate. It is for the favoured. God call us to make us His masterpiece. Through the called, the voice of the Almighty is heard among the great kings of the earth and they have no option than hearken or perish. You become a peculiar nation once the Master has decided to use you. He qualifies you for the job He want to use you for. The quickest channel of transformation from the 'NOBODY' man to the 'SOMEBODY' is to allow God use you and make you what He wantst through every possible means. LORD WHO AM I THAT YOU HAVE PREDESTINED THAT BOTH KINGS AND THE POOR SHOULD HEAR YOU THROUGH ME. Knowing the Excellency of what we are carrying now should motivate us to willingly give up very other attitude that would hinder the flow of His glory in us. When you value the word than your own life, you would never worry whatever the word demands from you....Hallelujah, the rubbish me is privileged to see the light of His glory and has become the channel He's using to glorify other destinies... ONLY IF WE COULD KNOW WHAT THE STANDARD OF GOD'S DIVINE MANDATE IS, WOULD WE GIVE MORE OF OURSELVES IN APPRECIATION TO HIM...... IT'S A RARE PRIVILEGE TO BE CALLED, NEVER BE WEARY AND PLEASE NEVER YOU ABUSE IT, FOR IT IS GREAT RECOMPENSE!!! Hallelujah