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"He came to His own and His own did not receive Him. " John 1:11

Knock, knock! Who is there? "My name is Joseph, I'm here with my  wife Mary! She is in labor and about to give birth to the Savior , do you have a room for the Savior?"

"Sorry, I don't have room for the Savior. " 

There's room for everyone else but no room for the Savior. How many doors did Joseph and Mary knock on? We do not know but every one of them had no room for the Savior! Their houses were packed to the full with all kinds of human beings but no room for the Savior. 

The Son of God was coming into the world but no one had a room for Him. There's no room for the Maker of heaven and earth. 

It's that time of the year again when the birth of Christ is celebrated universally. It's most likely He was born some other time possibly spring because of the Shepherds who were out in the  night tending their flocks but it's great to agree on a day to celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior and LORD! 

Over 2000 years ago it was the birth of Christ and no one had a room for Him, hence He was born in a Manger. Today, we celebrate His birth but do you have room for the Savior in your heart, life, home, Church and business?

It's sad how many are celebrating Christmas without Christ in their lives! They have room for Santa, they have room for Christmas trees and the lights but no room for the True Vine, no room for the Light of the world. There's room for all kinds of gifts but no room for the best gift ever given by God, Christ the Messiah!

There's room for all kinds of food and drinks but no room for the Bread of life. 

Room for all kinds of friends but no room for the LORD !

Today even right now, the Savior is standing at the door of your heart knocking,  seeking a lifelong relationship with you, do you have room for Him? Will you let Him in?

Only the Lord can build a nation! Only the Lord has the power to keep a nation together in love! No man can do anything tangible for a fellow man except by the grace of God! 

America, look unto Jesus! We can protest all we can against the Anthem or flag, only the Lord can grant a long term solution to these issues that ail us! They are different dimensions to a problem be it individual or national, there is the physical, there is the spiritual! 

If you have not secured a victory spiritually you labor in vain physically! The civil rights movement triumphed because the Church fronted that movement! Men prayed as much as they protested peacefully! The movement was fronted by spiritual, godly, prayerful men and women of God!  Meetings for the movement were held in the presence of God in Churches!  Funds raised in churches to support the movement! Men and women gathered and prayed in Churches for victory!  And the LORD granted them victory! 

Social injustice is not the only issue confronting America as a nation!  Except we want to be hypocritical!  Who is taking a knee for the millions of babies been murdered through Abortion, annually?  If those lives don't matter to you they matter to God! 

Racism is not the only thing that is threatening the continuity of the Union as it is!  Who is taking a knee for the lives that are been murdered by gang members, blacks killing blacks, killing of innocent people, high rate of homicide?  Who is taking a knee for foster kids been adopted into homes where dad is a man and mom is a man vice versa? Are they not been taken advantage of? Who is taking a knee for marriage, an institution sanctioned by God to be between a man and a woman, , we have commonized to be between man and man or woman and woman! Are we smarter than God? 

When a nation turns her back against God, she turns into the crude embrace of the devil!  When a nation turns her back against God, she turns her back on love into the cruel embrace of hate! 

When a nation says, "away with God ", she is saying, "come in Satan." Do you now complain when you begin to see the works of the Devil flourish in the land?

If you seek to get rid of a tree that is destroying the foundation of your house and roof, the long-term solution is to root it out! If you choose to cut one or two branches off the tree, that my friend is only a temporal fix!

Take a knee but please, lets be grateful to God that we still have a flag flying. Lets also be grateful for those who gave their freedom and lives so we can have ours seating down watching tv or playing football and getting paid good money! When you are complaining about not having a shoe to wear they is someone next door who does not have a leg!

Take a knee to protest, how about taking a knee in repentance to God and intercession for the land! If a quarter of this nation can bow their knees in repentance and intercession for this land, change will come! 

If Church leaders can mobilize their congregations to stand in the gap and intercede for the land, the sun of righteousness will shine again! 

But I don't know if the Church will heed such clarion call! We have become so prosperous we don't need to stress out interceding for no one! But when our bank accounts begin to diminish we go out full force to mobilize our congregation to refill the accounts! Fund raising we are very effective but interceding for the land is too much inconvenience! We have hours daily to watch movies, then vacations, then another fun activity in the Church and another fun activity! While the land is headed down to the pit of hell! Call for prayer meetings, only a handful if any will show up! Call for some Church dinner well, well, you have to get extra seats!

When you are pointing a finger at someone as the cause of your woes at least three of your fingers are pointing back at you! We are quick in blaming our leaders for  our problems but we forget that our leaders are selected from amongst us! Our leaders are a reflection of who we are as a people! In Bible times when the Isrealites turned their backs on God and became vile, it reflected in their leadership: bad leaders! When they changed their ways in repentance, it reflected in their leadership: godly leaders!

The ball is exclusively in our court! What are we gonna do? Same way we "kicked " God out of our schools depriving our children of a future without God, same way we can repent and put Him back into the affairs of our lives and endeavors!

There is hate in the land! God is love! When you kick God out you kick love out and get stuck with hate. 

Trump is not the problem, we all are! But God has the solution! Shall we approach Him in humility, repentance through Christ or shall we continue in pride, arrogance, hypocrisy , hate and sin into annihilation? 

America it is that time again to choose Whom you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

And He said, "It is written, 'My house shall be a house of prayer, 'but you have made it a den of thieves. " Matthew 21:13

The Temple of God  is meant to be a house of prayer not a place for buying and selling! They should be an awe that surrounds us the moment we walk into a church; the presence of the living God! When the house of God is a house of prayer that it is supposed to be, the manifest presence of God will not be lacking at all!

But when the temple is made to become a den of thieves, dread not awe becomes the inevitable! They are people who dread going to church now for fear of the "Preacher " getting every penny from their pockets. 

Matthew 21, the Lord Jesus stepped into the Temple and sanitized it, got rid of all the thieves and all that defile. That happened in verse 12 and immediately in verse 14 the Bible says," Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them. "

Alleliua! Only the Lord knows how many blind and lame came to this temple and went back the same. They could have wondered why the living God had left them blind and lame. They might have blamed themselves for not having enough faith to secure their healing. They never knew that the thieves in the temple were the problem rather until the Lord Jesus showed up and got rid of them. The Lord  showed up and changed the church's agenda and priority from a house of "tithes and offerings"  to the HOUSE OF PRAYER. 

And when the priority changed, the heavens were opened, healing took place. It was no more okay to come to the church blind and go home blind,  it was no more okay to come to the church lame and go back lame , when the temple became a house of prayer. 

When the house of God becomes a house of prayer, the Healer is ever present to heal. When the temple becomes den of thieves, sorry, Jesus can't be there. 

Never expect your blind eyes to see in a church that is a den of thieves. Never expect to walk or make progress in your faith, relationship with God in a church that is a den of thieves. 

If you are a leader in the church, make sure, the temple is really a house of prayer not a den of thieves beginning with you. If it is a den of thieves, repentance is needed, drive out those who buy and sell , overturn the tables and the seats of the thieves in the temple and start over with the LORD JESUS:THE HEALER!

If you are a member of a church that is a den of thieves, get out quick and seek for the temple that is a house of prayer. You will be robbed of everything including eternal life. 

"...What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?" Matthew 19:16

 This was the question a RICH YOUNG RULER asked the LORD JESUS. In other words he is asking what can I do to have eternal life?
Most times we assume that riches is the ultimate accomplishment in life. We assume that when we become rich, all our problems will be solved. This is mirage. Some play the lottery, some labor from dawn to night in quest for a better life we think more money will afford us. 
But here is a RICH, INFLUENTIAL, YOUTHFUL LEADER asking about ETERNAL LIFE! Why is he asking this All important question? Because regardless of the riches and influence, he knew he didn't have ETERNAL LIFE! He had riches and influence but did not have ETERNAL LIFE! He was religious. He was a morally sound young man but he knew deep down within his soul that he was not saved. He was a lost soul. He had everything money could buy but he didn't have ETERNAL LIFE! 

And so he swallowed his pride, took time of his busy schedule to seek for Jesus, so as to ask Him, how he may obtain Eternal life. He was more than willing on this day to address the state of his spiritual life! And he went in search of an answer, he went in search of Jesus Christ!

When he found Jesus, he received answer to his question. Jesus Christ the LORD is the answer to your quest and eternal questions! Money is not the answer! Lottery winners end miserably! Millionaires commit suicide! Money can be an answer to physical and material needs but not THE ANSWER to your spiritual need and most importantly ETERNAL LIFE! ONLY GOD through Christ is the ANSWER!

Bottom line, Jesus the answer told the rich young man to give up EVERYTHING and follow HIM (THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, THE ANSWER.)

The Lord asked him to give up his idols (his riches became his idol), give up his sins, religiosity and come follow HIM (the Messiah, the Savior). You want ETERNAL LIFE, that is what you need to do!

What became of this young man, we don't know! Only eternity will tell! All we know is that he went away sorrowful because he had so much trust in his "great possessions" he could not stand the thought of giving them up for ETERNAL LIFE!

Somehow, he could not afford to give up EARTHLY LIFE for ETERNAL LIFE!

But simple math could have helped him! Earthly life is worth 70 or 80 years if you live that long. 

Eternal life begins from when you surrender your life to Christ into eternity that will last not  for 1,000 years, 10,000 years...but forever in heaven. 


"If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. " John 14:14 

There are scriptures upon scriptures that emphasize the relevance of prayer. Scriptures upon scriptures that assure us what God can do when we pray! 

Why do we not pray then?  Or do we pray and pray amiss?  If we are really praying, our lives, families, churches and society at large will reflect that!  The presence of God will be evident in our lives, souls will be genuinely saved in our churches, marriages and children grounded in the love of Christ! 

"If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. " This is the Lord Jesus speaking!  He is God, unlimited!  VERY CAPABLE! 

The major thing that stands out in this promise made by the Lord of lords is ANYTHING IN MY NAME! The Lord will not answer any prayer that is not in His name! Asking in His name means praying according to His word!  Asking in His name means praying according to His will, and His word is His will! 

Believers are "praying". But are these prayers in His name?  Are these prayers according to His word and will? Are these prayers not in our own name or the Pastor's name? Are these prayers not rooted in our own desires, emotions and selfish ambitious rather than according to His word? We pray in the name of our emotions!  So instead of asking the Lord to save the Soul of our perceived "enemies " we ask the Lord to kill them. We pray in the name of our selfish ambitions!  So we fast and pray not for abundance of Christ in us, not abundance of His power so we can be effective ministers of the gospel!  We ask for abundance of money and material things so we can show off!  Three days fasting and prayer just so you can have a "breakthrough " in your finances not your spiritual life! No fasting and praying for lost Souls! 

When you go to some churches, you can see Believers really "praying " from their head to toe!  Maybe, that is all there is to our prayer life! Public prayer, making a show, no personal private one on one time with Christ! 

"Public prayers" have its time and place! But I'll rather call it corporate prayers not public prayers!  Corporate prayer is the type that took place in the upper room!  Believers hand in hand praying for the outpouring of the power of God through the Holy Spirit!  Praying according to the Word of God!  Insisting on the kingdom to come!  This is corporate prayer! And this prayer is very effective!  Believers praying in one accord for God to pour Himself out through His Spirit! Praying for lost Souls!  Praying for revival!  This is the lost art of the Church: Corporate prayers! The upper room kind of prayers! 

I write this to challenge our hearts to action!  I am personally seeking for genuine believers who have the willingness to pray for others salvation, healing and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our generation! The Internet has made things easy for us to pray corporately without being in the same room! 

If you are interested in this let me know!  

" Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are." 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Do you not know that you are the temple of God? There are  two answers to this question: yes, I know that I am the temple of God or no, I didn't know that I am the temple of God. So what is your answer? 

And then a follow up question, do you not know that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  Again it's a YES I KNOW OR NO I DIDN'T, answer. What is your answer?  Is it, YES I know the Spirit of God dwells in me or NO, I didn't know that the Spirit of God dwell in me?

If your answer is, yes I know, what have you done with what you know? It's one thing to know something and it's another to live in the reality of what you know. Are you living as the temple of God?  Are you living as someone in whom the Spirit of God dwells? 

A temple is a building used primarily for worship! Its primary purpose is to serve as a place of worship! It's a place dedicated for worship! 

For example, the temple Solomon built was designed from foundation to roof with none other purpose but as a place of habitation for the Lord!  Nothing else but as a place to worship the only true God!  Everything about the temple from the outside to the inside depicts its purpose: as a place of worship!  God's property!  The temple belongs to God!  The temple is God's property from the inside out! 

You are God's temple!  You are meant for worship!  You are supposed to be God's habitation!  You are God's property!  Are you living as one? 

God's temple is not for every use!  It is for holy use only!  You don't take dirty and unholy things to the temple, if you have the fear of God! 

The temple can be defiled! It can be defiled through sin!  It can be defiled through unholy sacrifice! It can be defiled through abomination! Be very careful therefore how you live as the temple of God, for if you mess around, God will let you be destroyed like the temple in Jerusalem! If you defile God's temple, you will become vulnerable to the attack of the enemy! The Lord will leave you and you will become like every other building! 

The Spirit of God dwells in you! The Spirit of holiness!  The Spirit of power!  The Spirit of Wisdom!  The Spirit of knowledge!  The Spirit of Understanding!  The Spirit of the Fear of God!  Alleluia!  Do you know all these?  Or you have been ignorant of these? 

Go forth and live as God's temple! For there is no better honor than this! 

"LORD, they have killed Your prophets and turn down Your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life. But what does the divine response say to him? " I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Even so then, at this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace."

Romans 11:3-5

Elijah with all the anointing at a point in his life and ministry felt alone! No matter how anointed you are, you need someone! In the case of Elijah he needed people of same zeal, men and women who have refused to serve any other god but the LORD! He needed the fellowship of fellow believers who have not bowed the knee to Baal! But he couldn't find such! I guess because there was a problem, NETWORKING PROBLEM! There was no means to network! So he felt ALONE regardless of his exploits! 

He single handedly took on 450 prophets of Baal!

The Lord put a vision in my heart 4 years ago! We can do a whole lot more United as genuine followers of Christ than our solo efforts! In fact the tactics of the devil against the body of Christ is ISOLATION! A bunch of sticks together is difficult to BREAK, but when you isolate them, you can break them easily! So also a bunch of broom sticks. Everyone is more concerned about their denomination than they are about the body of Christ! 

Christ did not die for denomination! His prayer before He went to the cross is:

 " Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world,and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are." John 17:11

The Lord Jesus did not pray that all who call themselves Christians be one, it is those who are His true disciples, not wolfs in sheep clothing. Most times when we call for unity in the body of Christ the picture that comes to mind is all Christian denomination coming together! Such endeavor will fail. Because every denomination have their interest and under such platform will seek to promote/protect  their interest. And that is why such attempt usually end up in chaos!

Unity in the body of Christ is for genuine followers of Christ coming together or reaching out to each other not in the name of denomination but in the name of Christ! Wherever there is such movement, the individuals(true disciples) are there not in the name of a denomination but in the name of Christ! No one has denominational interest! The only interest is Christ's interest, His love, His life, His Word, His Kingdom and her cause (evangelism).

Away with denominationalism, I have seen a light and I will pursue it to a conclusive end by His grace!

It's in the light of this vision I started Bornagain Universe with my wife 4 years ago! In this computer age,the internet has made the world a global village, we have no excuse for not reaching out to each other in love! Elijah had network problem. Imagine what could be the possibility, if even 1,000 of the 7,000 wont-bow -down-to-baal-believers had reached out to each other? What will happen if you put 1,000 live coal of fire together?

Let no one hear you idly saying, there's nothing I can do! I have committed myself to the cause to build platforms where genuine followers of Christ can fellowship! So help me God!

Join the movement here or any where else!

This is what is in my heart in this season and I'll like to share it.

" The Lord has come to U.S. That is both  good news and bad news. For those who have been seeking and praying for the  LORD to come into your life, your home, community,city and this nation, the Lord has heeded your prayers and He has come! You will see the glory of the Lord ! The power of God will be seen visibly and powerfully throughout the land  in homes in places least expected! The Lord will wrought righteousness throughout the land! Those who are hungry for Him will find Him and taste His power! In the coming years the glory of the Lord will be seen by all who seek the Lord! For the enemies of God,you will see the other side of God, literally! God has been patient long enough, and now you shall choose God or live with the consequences of not! God is going to expose Ministers that have used His name in vain! Those who have turned the house of God to a den of robbers! He has come to turn your tables upside down! He has come to run your business to the ground! Except you repent, He will put you to SHAME!

He has come to America not for economic prosperity but for revival, for spiritual posterity! He will move in all ranks, with blessing in one hand for those who are on His side and on  the other hand He will  allow His enemies to receive just repercussions for their choice and actions, like Herod. He has come to build, He has come to pull down! 

When the Lord is in the camp, you hear noises! Noise of victory and noise of lamentations! Depending on whose side you are on!


Let the true Ministers of the gospel get to work, you will see results because the Lord has come!"


What does it mean to be Born again? 

To be Born-again is to be born a second time. Every human is born through the agency of a man and woman,  this is the first birth. It is necessary to be born a second time. But this time not by a father and mother but by God.

Our first birth is a physical birth. The second birth is a spiritual birth.

The physical birth is into sin and death because of the sin of our progenitor Adam and Eve. The second birth is into righteousness and life through Christ. 

"Jesus answered and said unto him,Verily,verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3

To see something is a form of experience. You cannot experience the kingdom of God except you are born by God a second time. Your first birth does not qualify you to see and enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is about having a personal relationship with God Who is the King of the kingdom, it is about righteousness, it is about eternal life. If you desire to have and enjoy a  loving relationship with God the Father, you need the spiritual birth. You need spiritual birth because God is Spirit.

"God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." John 4:24

Spiritual birth is A MUST if you desire to have a relationship with God. To have a relationship with your earthly father,it is a must for you to come out of your mother's womb. Do you understand?

How can I be Born Spiritually?

Jesus is the way. Your physical parents were the way to your physical birth. Your mother went through things to set the stage for your physical birth. Same way, Christ went through things to set the stage for your spiritual birth. To give birth every mother has to die sought of. They shed blood to give birth. Christ shed His blood and died so you can have the opportunity to be born again.

Your physical birth affords you the opportunity to have and enjoy a relationship with your earthly parents.

The Spiritual birth accords you the golden opportunity to have and enjoy a loving relationship with the heavenly Father. Jesus came to make a way so you can be free from sin and death. Jesus came to make a way so you can have a spiritual relationship with the heavenly Father.

Jesus became the Way to God and the kingdom of God and every benefits that there is to enjoy as a child of God.

" Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. " John 14:6

When you accept Jesus into your life as Savior and LORD, your sins are forgiven because it's a new birth, a second birth into the spiritual. Your first birth made you the son or daughter of your father and mother. The second birth through Christ Jesus makes you a child of God. It is a new and better life. In this new life through Christ, sin and Satan is no more your master. 

" Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

This spiritual birth gives you victory over the world and sin.

" Whosoever has been born of God does not sin; for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God." 1 John 3:9

This spiritual birth is what is called Salvation; to be saved. Through your first birth,you were saved from the darkness in your mother's womb. The second birth through Christ, you are saved from the works of darkness, sin and it's consequences. The first birth is whether you want to come out of your mother's womb or not, you must be born. The second birth through Christ is voluntary. You can choose to continue in the world of sin and spiritual darkness or accept Jesus into your life and become born again. 

The Decision 

Do you want to be saved? Do you want to be born again? Do you want to be born by God today? 

Believe in Jesus, confess your sins to Him, ask for forgiveness, confess Him as your Savior and LORD right now!

Invite and accept Him to come into your life and heart to stay as Savior and LORD not for one day but forever.

Ask the devil out of your life! Ask Jesus in! Ask Him for cleansing right now through His precious blood, the blood of Jesus.

He is right here with you! Ask Him to save you now! 

"For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved." Romans 10:13 

Call on Jesus right now to save you! Amen! TAKE SOME MINUTES AND TALK TO JESUS RIGHT NOW!

If you believe, you are saved! You are now born again!

Congratulation! Welcome into the family of God.

Just like that? Yes, just like that if you prayed sincerely to God from your heart. He has paid the price for your salvation and has been waiting on you for a long time!


Find a genuine Believer around you and tell him/her about your salvation! You will receive further instruction on the next thing to do to grow in faith.

Otherwise, find a Bible practising  Church/fellowship and make sure to talk to someone about your decision!

See you in heaven!

Rehab was a prostitute, lost, a destitute 

Had hopes, had dreams but a prostitute, 

The God of Israel showed up in her story, 

She got more than her dreams and hopes 

The Messiah came from her genealogy. 

If God could do it for Rehab, why not you? 

Mary Magdalene, possessed by demons 

Prostitution was all the use her life was worth, 

Then Jesus showed up in her life, 

The Redeemer of her Soul, Restorer of her worth 

The first to see the resurrected Christ. 

If Jesus could make something of Mary Magdalene, why not you? 

Paul was a persecutor, a murderer kind of 

Relevance he wanted, but a destroyer he became

Suddenly, he had an encounter with His Maker, 

To the ground he fell a sinner, by mercy he rose up saved, 

More than relevant he became, many generations after. 

If the LORD could do these for Paul, why not you? 

Your story may or may not be like Rehabs'

Mary Magdalene definitely does not sound like your name, 

You are not Paul or Saul either. 

Their stories is the story of what God can do, 

If you can only believe.

If He did it for them, why not you? 

Christ is everything you will ever need, 

You can't know how much He means 

Until you embrace Him, O what a life,

The Soul in whom Christ is LORD indeed. 

Salvation, Redemption, Transformation, Restoration and more, Jesus freely gives, 

He did it for others, why not you? 

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