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Today, I want to write about FARM HOUSES as a key to LIVING WELL. The good book ( the Bible) refers to Adam and Eve settling in THE GARDEN OF EDEN. They sustained their health by eating from the various plants in the garden (Genesis 1:26-29). They also worked in the garden and maintained it. All the leaves, fruits, seeds, nuts, stem and root tubers, spices, and any ther plant parts were available to them for food and medicine (Ezekiel 47:12). They and the immediate generations after them lived for hundreds of years!! Why was this possible? Part of the answer is that it was their culture to live in GARDENS. What, then, are the benefits of living in gardens?


It provides us with the opportunity to cooperate with nature in producing high-quality, natural food .

The by-products of food production can be recycled as natural fertilizers.

One can benefit from the advantages of mixed farming, and may not need the use of modern farm chemicals, which are injurious to the body.

With land available, the gardener is motivated to practice  INTER-PLANTING and INTER-CROPPING, instead of mono-cropping. This increases the level of food self-sufficiency, because of the planting of most family needs on a relatively small piece of land.

Inter-planting and inter-cropping reduce the incidence of pests drastically; hence, the gardener may not need pesticides at all. Where the need may arise, organic non-toxic ones ca be produced right on the farm.

It is possible to raise completely grass-fed  animals on the farm, thus making sure that all animal products at table are free from harmful hormones and antibiotics.

Herbs, shrubs, and trees in the garden supply copious amount of oxygen  during the dark phase of photosynthesis to enrich the air the residents inhale.

The mere seeing of the green color of plants everyday has a therapeutic effect on the body.

Farm-house residents cannot do but move round the farm, doing pieces of work to maintain the farm's productivity. That gives a regular form of exercise often involving all the tissues and organs of the body.

Residents on a farm usually have more knowledge of common plants than city dwellers. They may even be able to treat themselves and their domestic animals from the use of appropriate herbs.

A well-managed garden will usually have surplus crops, which can be given to neighbors, the poor, or sold. Whichever way, it brings inner satisfaction and a deep sense of achievement.

Finally, a worshipful heart at table for the miracles of food production brings healing to the producer/consumer.

Build houses, live in them; plant gardens, and eat the fruits thereof. Jeremiah 29:5. 

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits.......who heals all your diseases, and satisfies your mouth with GOOD THINGS, SO THAT YOUR YOUTH IS RENEWED LIKE THE EAGLE'S. Psalm 103:1,5,6.

I have interpreted these verses scientifically and practiced them. They have been of benefit to me, and I am sure they will to you.

Mike Oye Aug 21 '15 · Tags: garden, farming

I had a loving father, who lived 125 years. As his first son, I was very close to him and observed many aspects of his lifestyle. He was one of the simplest men I have ever known. He led a very active life, loved his family, was God-fearing, and generous to a fault. On the few occasions I knew him to be ill, he knew exactly what to do to get well, including the use of appropriate herbs. It was compulsory for every member of the family to drink his herbal preparations every morning. Thus, we scarcely had any cause to go to hospital. My mum have birth to all her ten children at home, because my dad knew what natural things she should eat and drink to facilitate gestation and delivery. My father was involved in many different businesses, but always made farms, which produced most of what we ate.

Thus, we had a sub-culture at home, which was different from the general culture of the communities in which we lived. I grew up strong, learned farming and some medicinal plants from my father, and decided to study agriculture and produce food organically. He left me a hand-written book full of herbal formulae for different chronic diseases, a legacy I deeply treasure. I have studied wide and researched into major areas of food production, nutrition, plant and animal physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, plant taxonomy, ecology, public health, preventive and curative medicine, and many aspects of naturopathy; all with the motive of helping people live healthily.

To God's glory, at 76, I am still strong and capable of doing all that humans are created to do. I believe I have a health legacy greater than my father's to share with this and coming generations; hence, the creation of this post, which I hope to replenish everyday. Please, come along with me to explore and appreciate the benevolence of the Creator to mankind. We will then discover that each one of us is ultimately responsible for his or her health.

Mike Oye Aug 20 '15 · Tags: health, long life
And the latter glory will be extravagant than the former glory. Sons & daughters let's tap into this river flowing from the throne of God. There is an unusual dimension of glory waiting for our step of faith!
mirriam kobo Aug 20 '15
your future is not guarantee without the ministry of fathers. nobody is self made. life is not formed in haste. sons are made. settle down with God for your making process.
Anjorin John Aug 9 '15
But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. Matt 5: 44.
"BUT I SAY". There exist so many standards of life which men set for themselves through their philosophies; But Christ has a distinctive standard which we must all follow if truly we love called by the name of Christ.
Xtianity is not a matter of convenience, but taking after the pattern which was laid.
Michael Chris Aug 4 '15
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. "

Matthew 5:16 

Light is a very important element!  The only permanent remedy for darkness is LIGHT!  The absence of light is the presence of darkness in abundance! 

" You are the light of the world..." says the Lord Jesus, God the Son,  the Lord of the heavens and the earth! 

The Lord did not say, ' I think you are the light of the world. " Neither did He say, " You are going to be the light of the world. " He said, " YOU ARE THE LIGHT... "

YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!  So, if there is darkness in your world and the world, it's because of you! 

As light, your calling and purpose in life is to SHINE! And you don't shine hiding under a basket!  Your place is on the LAMPSTAND! 



1. Through godly and holy living!  Light is light!  Light is pure, light and filth don't go together!  Light chases out filth and darkness!  You can't shine by tolerating sin in your life as a Believer!  The presence of dirt and filth in a believer is an indicator that you have traded your light for something else; or close to trading it away!

 The light that shines through a godly and holy life is bright, very bright and effective! We will not see remarkable result in our generation except we deal with filth and dirt in our lives! We can't embrace ungodliness and greed and pride and immorality and expect to SO SHINE AND DEFEAT DARKNESS! Dirt and filth don't conduct light!  There are LIGHT extinguisher! 

2. Good works: Light shines through GOOD WORKS!  Light cannot shine through bad works! At a time the Church was known for charitable deeds!  Giving to the poor and needy!  Giving to the less privileged!  But now the only form of giving we know is giving tithes and offerings, so we can get ten fold from God and lavish on our desires! Is tithes and offering bad?  It depends on your conviction or motive! 

Do good works brethren!  It is the good works that men will see and give glory to God! Give to the orphans, give to the poor and needy!  Give and don't expect nothing back!  Light just Shines and expect nothing in return!  As long as it is connected to the right source, it cannot get tired of shinning! 


1. Compromise: compromise is the basket that hinders the Light from executing it's divine mandate! We are the compromise generation!  Compromise may not stop you from still being a follower of Christ but it will hinder your light from shinning! 

Your place is on the LAMPSTAND!  And if you don't take a STAND, you can't stand on the Lampstand, hence you can't shine! 

There is no middle ground for Light, it's either on the LAMPSTAND or UNDER THE BASKET! 


(a) Disobedience : The Lord wants you to go to point C from point A, and you settle down at point B instead, at least you are no more at point A.

(b) Fear of men: We are afraid of hurting people's feelings! At the detriment of Who?  At the detriment of God and our divine mandate? If I preach this message, I will lose my members!  If I preach to him, he will ridicule me! To whom are you accountable? To men or God? You should rather be afraid of the One who will decide where you will spend eternity! 

2. You: You can hinder yourself from shinning! By unplugging your self entirely from Christ who is the source of your light! Judas Iscariot unplugged himself from Christ for thirty pieces of silver! 

And listen, when you unplug your self from Christ, you may still be able to glow for awhile, but you will glow into oblivion! 



Mike Odeh Jul 29 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: the light
praise is an act and art of worship. It's an offer of the heart to someone who deserves it. it's therefore a duty and obligatory for a heart to praise. Psalm 100 :1 says" make a joyful noise unto the lord, all ye land!" .
Our praise is often given to those who extends gestures to us somehow; but the scripture emphasize on the fact that our praise should be unto God.Not 4 the things he does for us but whom he is.
NO one developed the true habit of praise and remain the same praise is comely.
Michael Chris Jul 18 '15 · Comments: 1

But when the morning was now come,Jesus stood on the shore : but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus. John 21:4.

When the disciples backslided, they couldn't recognize the personality of Jesus!

They could physically see , but spiritually were blind. The Immanuel nature of Christ is criteria to knowing  Him. As soon as we accept Him  His presence is registered in us; If we therefore drift away, we loose His presence (Immanuel: God with us).

 If we desire to know Jesus at His second coming we must learn to know Him now. It takes only the HEARTS that know Him now to recognize Him at His second coming!

 It's not possible to be backward and forward at the same time .

 A step away from where He has placed  us will definitely keep us from knowing Him now till eternity. 

 May God keeps us  walking with Him all the way.

Michael Chris Jul 3 '15
If the Lord delights in us, He will take us to the PROMISE LAND.
When you seek Jesus, you will find Him, but it's up to you what you will do to or with Him after you find Him. Jesus will be to you, what you want Him to be to you! The King of your life, worthy of your eternal loyalty or a king to be mocked, flogged and crucified. 

" Jesus therefore, knowing all things that would come upon Him, went forward and said to them, " Whom are you seeking? " John 18:4

" They answered Him, " Jesus of Nazareth... "

The motive for which we seek Jesus is very important. What we will end up doing to Jesus, what you will end up doing with Jesus depends on your motive of seeking Him. 

Some are seeking for  "Jesus of bread and butter",  others, " Jesus of Prophet A or B", others,  "the Jesus that makes people rich and famous" or "the Jesus of silver and gold." 

These people were not seeking for Jesus THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. No! They were seeking for Jesus of Nazareth not JESUS THE BREAD OF LIFE , THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, THE LAMB OF GOD, THAT TAKES AWAY SIN...

And when they found Jesus of Nazareth because of their motives and understanding of Jesus, what did they do with Him?  

They didn't make Him Lord and Savior of their hearts. No!  They didn't accept Him as Lord and Savior!  No!  They didn't ask for forgiveness and cleansing!  No!  They didn't accept Him into their hearts and treasure Him till eternity!  No!  They lied on Him, some spat on Him, others slapped Him, one flogged Him, another made Him a crown of thorns and others mocked Him and finally,  they crucified Him! 

From the moment they found Jesus till He was crucified, every other person but one asked for forgiveness. Only one, the thief on the cross accepted Christ as Lord and Savior! Only one saw Jesus as Savior and looked forward to spending eternity with Him! 

Whom are you seeking? The real Jesus or some other Jesus? If you are seeking for the real Jesus, the Christ, that will determine your relationship with Him. 

It's one thing to have Jesus and it's another thing for Jesus to have you. 

It's one thing to know Jesus and another for Jesus to know you. 



Remember Matthew 7:22,23

" Many will say to Me in that day, ' Lord,  Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name,  cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? ' And then I will declare to them, ' I never knew you ; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessnes! '

Mike Odeh May 7 '15 · Comments: 2 · Tags: jesus
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