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Mike Odeh Feb 15 '17

This was a question, a brother in Christ sent me this morning! I'll appreciate your feedback! 

"Good morning Sir.

Forgive me for questions that are so strange, I can't help it, sometimes want to explore. 

Scriptures let us to know that we who are filled with the Holy Ghost, Jesus lives wthin us. If He does, how come I've been sick for almost 20 yrs and He has not healed me? And how could He live with sickness inside me all this long? Is it that he has left me? Cause I don't believe He'll stay inside me all these years with the sickness."

Naomi Johnpaul Feb 17 '17
Sickness can only affect the body and not the soul. Even though our body is the temple of the Holy ghost, it doesn't mean we will not go through challenge (sickness inclusive). Because He has told us that 'when' not 'if' We pass through fire He will be with us, Jesus was in the boat when his disciples were about sinking.

Beloved have faith unshakable that Christ is with you at all times and I pray that your faith and my faith in God make you whole in Jesus Christ name.