Mike Odeh Apr 11 '17
Text: Matthew 4:1-11

The Lord Jesus was tempted!  He was tempted by the devil himself. So when you are tempted, know that Christ was also tempted! But before He was tempted by the devil in the desert, He was fortunate to have been filled with the Holy Spirit! In fact, it was the Spirit that lead Him to the desert to be tempted by the devil! That means it is a good thing to be tempted by the devil. 

The devil tempted Christ in three areas 

1. Lust of the flesh 

2. Pride of life 

3. Lust of the eyes 


The devil wanted Christ to turn stone into bread and satisfy Himself! And the obvious was, the Lord was hungry after fasting for forty days and nights! What is wrong in the Lord turning stones into bread to feed Himself at the devil's prompt? What is wrong with that is abuse of power! The power of God must be used according to God's will found in His word to honor and glorify God not to gratify flesh. Bread is important, eating when you are hungry is important but the Word of God takes precedence over these needs. You must not place your needs above God's word!  If you do, you will soon begin to use the power of God and the privilege to be His child to gratify your fleshly desires!  You will begin to abuse God's power and the privilege to be His child. And it is dangerous to abuse God's power!  It's dangerous to use God's power to gratify your fleshly desires! It is sin to abuse God's power and sonship privilege!  And the Soul that sins dies!  The danger of abusing God's power is death! So,  we have many who are using God's name for their advantage!  Many who are using God's power to benefit themselves materially and otherwise!  Sorry, you were tempted by the devil and you compromised!  The devil asked you to turn stones to bread and you did!  REPENT! 

"Jesus answered, "It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. " Matthew 4:4

When you are tempted by the devil to use your privilege as God's child to gratify your flesh, tell the devil, "It is written... " The word of God is your weapon for victory! That is why you must study it to show yourself approved unto God! In any circumstance or situation, you must be willing to apply the Word FIRST! 

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