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Naomi Johnpaul Apr 1 '15
Distinction simply means existence with a difference; existence in a class of your own; and existence with honour and decorum.

Keys to Distinction
1. The fear of the Lord. Luke 1:50. To fear God is to fare well in life.
2. The life of humility. Luke 1:51-52. To go down in self is to go up with God.
3. A life of vision. Being able to see the future before it arrives.
4. Word revelation. Isa.60:1. The light of God's word is secret to change of level. Gal.2:2, Matt. 16:17.
5. A life of worship. One of the reasons why Mary was distinguished amongst women was because she was a worshipper.
6. The release of potential. David released his potential as an instrumentalist and this took him to the palace.
7. The attitude of excellence. Dan6:3. Excellence is not a destination but a journey, for the excellence of today is the mediocrity of tomorrow.
God bless you and establish you as you work with these keys today.