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Clara King Feb 11 '16
I was drug addicted and an alcoholic for twenty three years of my life. God stepped in and saved me right on time. I lost 2 children while I was in my addiction to car accidents. Their deaths were 9 months apart. (a boy and a girl). God was so good to me, He gave me two babies before these two died. I had been unable to have children, but after 10 years I conceived. I tried my best to kill those two babies before they got here by smoking more cocaine, but God had plans for them. I thank God for my life and promised Him that if He saved me I would serve Him until I died. That was 17 years ago. May the Lord bless you through this testimony. I am now an Evangelist with a vision and burden for the people. My dream is to one day own a safe house for abused and addicted women. God will fulfill the promise and the dream. God bless all who reads this
Mike Odeh Feb 12 '16
Glory to the Lamb of God that takes a way the sin of the world! He has brought you this far, He will see you through to the end! Thank you sister Clara sharing your testimony!