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Mike Odeh
Activity: 14 hours ago

Thank you Lord for 2015!

Lord we give You thanks for ALL You did in our lives this year 2015! We are grateful for every day in this year, we are grateful for every blessing and experience! Thank You for every provision, thank You for your protection! Thank You for our loved ones; parents, siblings and relatives. For everything You did in their lives! Thank You for our brothers and sisters in Christ, those we know and those we don't know! Those afar and those that are nigh! Thank You Lord for every soul alive today, we are all alive and well because of your mercy and grace! Thank You for the year ahead of us, the year 2016. Thank You for All You have in stock for everyone of us! Thank You because You are dependable! Thank You Lord because You can be trusted! Thank You Lord because You remain Faithful! Thank You Lord because our days are in your hands! Thank You Father because your love did not fail us in 2015 and we know that that love will not fail us in 2016. Thank You Jesus because You have gone ahead of us to 2016 to make every crooked path straight! Lord Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You have done all things well! To You Lord be ALL THE GLORY in Jesus precious name! Amen!